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Ian Kennedy has in one way or another been involved in the health and wellness field even before he was aware that this would be his life path. His first meaningful employment just out of high school was working in a residential facility for the mentally and physically challenged. Patience, persistence, and caring seemed to come naturally for him at an early age. His pursuit in the martial arts lead him to teach for his first Karate instructor and latter open his own Martial Arts school. In that setting he found great satisfaction helping his students go beyond their perceived mental boundaries and physical limitations. Throughout those years Ian continued his own studies and received black belts in several classical Martial Arts.

Later, Ian looked for even greater challenges and joined the U.S. Army and successfully completed his training as a combat medic. Upon his honorable discharge from the service he joined an ambulance squad, worked as a doctors assistant in a private practice and then worked as an understudy with an acupuncturist for nine years. This is where he was introduced to the many modalities of Chinese medicine, muscle response testing, energetic and esoteric therapies. After leaving that practice he found himself in his first of many class in European Biological Medicine under Dr. Thomas Rau. He completed a two year training in 2008 culminating with an internship at the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland.  He has continued to explore the use of homeopathy, nutrition, and anthroposophical approaches in assisting the health and wellbeing of his clients. 


Ian founded The True Wellness Center with his wife Kelly Kennedy and continues to guide people in restoring, maintaining, and advancing their optimal health. He is on the advisory board for B.R.M.I. (Bioregulatory Medicine Institute) and is a frequent contributor to their newsletter. He has been a presenter at a B.R.M.I. conference sharing his unique approach to health and wellness with other doctors and practitioners. 


Today, his multi level approach goes beyond the health of the body for those seeking a deeper wholistic lifestyle with what he has termed a Bioregulatory Lifestyle that encompasses the emotional and spiritual dimensions of wellness. He is currently working on his first comprehensive book --focused on living a Bioregulatory Lifestyle called The Abundance Syndrome that will be available in both hardcopy and auto book in the near future. 

Ian Kennedy headshot 2_26_21.PNG
Ian Kennedy, Founder, The True Wellness Center

Ian’s foundational medical training is in emergency medicine through the US Army - as a former combat medic.

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