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Imanee Mamalution

A New Way of Living… From the

Ground Up | Imanee Mamalution

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Imanee Mamalution

About Imanee Mamalution

Imanee Mamalution is a passionate truth-seeker, visionary mama and author of The Presence/Absence of Soil which connects the dots on not only how humanity has lost its way but how to reclaim our sovereignty and raise our children in the most challenging of times. She is a mother of five daughters raised with "instincts intact"- her four birth daughters were born at home, unvaccinated and schooled in her organic cafe "living classroom". Imanee has been instrumental in facilitating some of the most important voices for Freedom during the last few years. She recently launched the Haven Earth Network (HEN), along with her partner and bio-architect Paul River Richardson, which serves as an online platform focused on regenerative solutions, hands-on skill-sharing, healing technologies, homesteading, childrearing and connecting others building out the new timeline to prepare people with the skills and knowledge as they exit the current system to birth the new.

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Episode Highlights with Imanee Mamalution

  • Imanee opened an organic kitchen/cafe ten years ago when glyphosate was finally being exposed as a poison.  This launched a new path for Imanee as a mother who was concerned for her children’s health, and she began studying the quality of soil.  This led to learning about the radiation and dangerous effects of 5G.

  • Imanee’s organic cafe, “Alchemy” included a homeschooling classroom, and eco boutique in addition to the cafe.

  • Due to the deterioration of the soil, thanks to Monsanto and conventional farming methods using glyphosate, a vegetable does not have the same vitamin/nutrient content that it would have had decades ago.  To get the same nutritional benefit of eating one apple fifty years ago, one would have to eat five apples today.

  • In the early 1900’s, Rudolph Steiner was speaking out against the chemicals that were being introduced to the earth at that time.  The situation has only deteriorated exponentially since.

  • Zach Bush correlates the infertility of our soil to human infertility.

  • “Regenerative agriculture” is a farming method that is beyond sustainable, beyond organic, and works in harmony with the soil/earth, and with the micro- and macro-biomes.

  • Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world, and can be a powerful way to regenerate the soil from heavy metals and toxins.

  • Grounding is a powerful practice - getting out into nature with bare feet on the ground, and/or near the water is a way to reconnect with the earth.

  • “Free birth” - a way to tune into one's own intuitive knowledge and bring their children into the world on their own.

  • Homeschooling is more accessible than ever before with the aid of technology

  • Hemp houses are actual living, breathing homes which eliminate all toxins, and prevent mold from growing.

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