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Jodie A. Dashore PhD, OTD, BCIP, HHP, CCH, RH (AHG) is an internationally recognized practitioner, author, researcher and a pioneering clinical herbalist. She is widely known for her pioneering work in the world of plant-based medicinal approach to Autism, Lyme Disease, Biotoxin Illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and Camel Milk medicinal protocols. 

Dr Dashore holds a PhD (Integrative Medicine), is a CIRS – Shoemaker Certified practitioner, Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics, is a Board-Certified and licensed Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Neurology), Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and, with over 20 years of clinical experience. Dr Dashore is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and has been a Lyme literate clinician for almost over a decade. Dr Dashore is on the Scientific Advisory Boards for Bio-Regulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI), Global Lyme Diagnostics Lab (GDL) and International Forum for Camel Advocacy and Medicine (IFCAM). She has completed eight years of intensive herbal studies under the guidance of renowned Master Herbalists and is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. 

Dr Dashore brings her love of Ayurveda and bio-regionally abundant western herbs to her work as a clinical herbalist. As a master herbalist, she has created her own line of proprietary herbal medicinal formulas used exclusively with her patients.  She specializes in all-natural plant-based and individual genetic-based customized treatment options for Autism, Lyme Disease and Mold/Biotoxin Illness. She is the founder and Director of BioNexus Health Clinic, Apothecary and biodynamic herb farm in Marlboro New Jersey and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The practice is dedicated to scientifically formulated plant-based treatment options, herbal compounded apothecary formulations along with therapeutic Camel milk protocols for patients of all ages. 

Dr Dashore comes from a multicultural background, is well travelled and is able to seamlessly work with families in over 50 countries worldwide utilizing local resources, dietary nuances and honoring cultural traditions. The BioNexus herbal line of proprietary formulations available to practitioners in USA, UK, Europe, and Middle East. 

Dr Dashore is currently pursuing a post-doctoral intensive in Immunology at Harvard Medical School and is the author of the book “The BioNexus Approach to Biotoxin Illness- A step by step guide to sustainable plant-based treatment options”, available late November 2020.

International Forum for Camel Advocacy and Medicine
Dr. Jodie A. Dashore
Dr. Jodie A. Dashore

Dr. Dashore herself is a survivor of Chronic Lyme Disease, 14 co-infections, stage 4 Mold and Biotoxin illness and severe disability, having been in a wheelchair for several years. She attributes her success to her own and her only child’s personal struggles and triumphs with chronic infection and illness, and to the various opportunities she has had to mentor with numerous world-renowned pioneering physicians around the globe.

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