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Like many who enter the world of biological & energetic healing, Kelly Kennedy had her own traumatic experiences that stimulated her in finding another approach to health.  Her training started more traditionally at Cornell University with a desire to be an allopathic medical doctor.  However, one particular year she was faced with her own health matters and the premature passing of her father. These experiences confirmed what Kelly intuitively knew within her bones; that good health was not restored through prescriptions. 


After twenty-three years of building a health and wellness practice based in Bio-Regulatory medicine, Kelly is now paving the way for a new wellness system to blossom.

A Bio-Regulatory system, where therapists, doctors, and specialists work collaboratively within a paradigm that focuses on allowing the innate intelligence of each unique individual to truly heal the body. 


Kelly loves to talk about Regulation and Lymph and is often referred to as the “lymph queen”. Kelly is physically based outside of Philadelphia, PA with her husband Ian (her original practitioner in this world, blessed to be his wife now) and their son Silas. She continues to see and help clients with a bio-regulatory approach at The True Wellness Center in North Wales, PA and in Bluffton, SC. You can find Kelly virtually at, NOTMEDSglobal YouTube channel & Instagram handle as well as on her podcast “The Beats with Kelly Kennedy”. Kelly has many projects in the works; make sure to subscribe to stay in touch as she continues to bring her heart to the world.


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Kelly Kennedy, LMT, Executive Director, The True Wellness Center
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