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Kelly Kennedy's career in medicine started with a more allopathic approach but changed after experiencing several traumatic events that made her realize that good health is more than just taking medications and undergoing surgeries.


For the last 26 years, Kelly has dedicated her life to uncovering answers to healing through alternative therapies, including Bio-Regulatory Medicine, energy, and body work. Kelly is commonly referred to as the "lymph queen" and is passionate about spreading the importance and impact that one's lymphatic system, fascia, energy, and emotions have on whole-body health.


She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Ian and son Silas, seeing clients at their clinic, The True Wellness Center. You can also find her talking with experts in the field on her podcast "FLOWE: Lymphatic Wisdom- Open Your Heart and Optimize Wellness" or posting on Instagram @truewellnessglobal and @kellywellnessgirl


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Kelly Kennedy, LMT, Executive Director, The True Wellness Center
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