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Linda Golden

 Your Oral Health: The Most Understated, Yet Powerful Gateway to Optimal Living | Dr. Linda Golden

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Dr. Linda Golden

About Linda Golden

Dr. Golden is President of Golden Dental Wellness Center for over 30 years. A graduate of NYU College of Dentistry, she possesses a solid background in general, cosmetic and holistic dentistry. Her practice has grown to serve over 2000 patients with an emphasis on holistic dentistry. Mercury-free practice, BPA free, SMART protocols used and holistic/organic products provided for all patients.


Dr. Golden completed a two-year internship with Dr. Rau at Switzerland’s Paracelsus Institute where she further solidified her holistic approach to dental therapies.


Dr. Golden strives to keep her skills on the cutting edge of technology. She has spent countless hours gaining education in the newest technologies including ozone therapy, up-to-date radiographic studies, 3D ConeBeam, iTero scans and CariVu scanning with non-ionizing radiation.

Links & Resources Mentioned

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Click here and here for more information on biological dentistry

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Episode Highlights with Dr. Linda Golden

  • One of the most important qualities to look for in a healthcare practitioner is open-mindedness and patient-driven.  

  • Regarding implants: Ceramic implants can differ widely from one another, and not all are created equal.  The production and shipping of these products is important, considering they will be going into your body (your mouth.)

  • Before getting implants, it is important to make sure you are hydrated, check the immune system, and make sure the body is prepared to receive the product, and the procedure.  Getting blood work done before the procedure is best practice.

  • Titanium creates an electrical imbalance within the body.  Bacteria also tends to be drawn to titanium.

  • Some people are allergic to titanium, just like any metal allergy.

  • When getting mercury is getting removed, make sure the dentist is SMART-Certified.  Otherwise, complications could occur!  

  • Oral ozone can be a beneficial alternative treatment for periodontal infection, or an old root canal which the patient doesn’t want taken out.  It can also be used in cavitation sites.

  • There are three main choices when it comes to needing root canals:  1) Do nothing; 2) Get a root canal; 3) Pull the tooth and clean the area

  • The 3-D scan is much more effective than the panoramic x-ray.

  • Because the 3-D scan is more expensive, many dentists still do not have them.  However, a mobile unit can come to the dentist office.  Google “3-D Mobile Unit Dentistry” to find options near you.

  • Consider going to a dentist that doesn’t have an overwhelming number of patients, so they can have the freedom to give your case the attention it deserves.

  • Water pick can be a powerful tool for dental hygiene

  • Regarding tooth brushes - use a soft bristle, and notice if the bristles are splaying out, this is an indication that you are not brushing correctly, and your dentist can advise you.

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