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Autism Recovery - Free Your Child from Autistic Behavior with Luminara

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Luminara Serdar

About Luminara Serdar


Luminara Serdar is an autism recovery expert who helps parents discover and address the roots causes of their child’s challenging autism behaviors so that their child can become happy, develop to pure level, and gain independence.  In doing that, she helps parents feel confident, empowered, and happy.  She is trained as a scientist in genetics, cell biology and biochemistry, and is a functional nutritionist and wholistic healer. She works with clients throughout the world using nutrition, opening body systems, and removing toxic build up to heal autistic behaviors.

Episode Highlights with Luminara Serdar


  • Keep in mind that this information is for all children, as most children suffer from something such as allergies, ADHD, anxiety, and many other issues that need healing.

  • Gut healing is a typical approach that is needed for healing autistic behavior, as well as general body toxicity

  • Neurological “congestion” is one way to think of the challenges that autistic children are facing

  • Neural modulation technique is used to remove toxins from the brain and body

  • Removing toxins from the brain allows the “normal” neurological connections to be made once again, which results in proper development and growth

  • “Autism recovery” can be defined as experiencing results such as: regaining verbal capabilities, motor skill improvement, greater awareness and presence, and more.

  • There are 247 pounds per person per day in the United States

  • It is worth looking at what is contained in our drinking water.  See to check your water.  Southern California has uranium in the drinking water!

  • We are exposed to so many environmental toxins, from drinking water to exhaust fumes in traffic, to thousands of unknown materials

  • Even breastmilk carries toxins! Babies in utero chelate the mother’s toxins, taking the toxic burden into their own systems.

  • Muscle testing is using a muscle strength or weakness (really the subconscious mind,) to ask the body questions. When a muscle goes weak, the answer is “no.”  When it remains strong, the answer is “yes.”

  • Luminara uses muscle testing to discover the toxic load within the body, and which challenges the patient is facing in order to begin treatment.

  • When a body is overly toxins, the normal enzyme activity within the body becomes disrupted, which decreases immune function.

  • Judicious use of binders during treatment will help detoxify the body

  • Many autistic children are chronically constipated. Once the elimination pathways are opened, the tantrums and anxiety improve.

  • If a child is not having 1-3 bowel movements per day, they are experiencing constipation.

  • Colon massage, while it may be uncomfortable for the child, can be an effective tool for constipation.

  • Food sensitivities are a huge issue with autistic behavior.  In the brain, on the outside of the cells, there are receptors for folinic acid/vitamin B9.  80% of autistic children have an antibody that attacks the receptor.  Dairy molecules resemble the folate receptors.  If there is a leaky gut, the dairy molecules get into the bloodstream, which the body then recognizes as something to attack, causing brain inflammation.

  • Picky eaters may have sensory issues, they may also have zinc deficiencies which affect taste.

  • EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) can and do affect brain health.  Luminara advises her clients to, at the very least, unplug their WiFi routers each night while the family sleeps. 

  • When autism is present in a family, epigenetics should be considered.

  • Imagine the body as a funnel, with the wide mouth at the top of the head, and the narrow tube at the pelvis.  If constipation is present, the entire funnel is stopped up.  Open the colon pathway, then go “up” the funnel – draining the lymph, then the brain.

  • If you want to get pregnant, detoxify your body first!  Binders can be one useful tool for this.

  • Luminara has a 10-month program upcoming for parents called The Autism Recovery Plan.  It takes this long to do safely.  The program includes online support.

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Click here for more info on Luminara's Autism Recovery Program!

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