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Michael Kessler

BioHacking Your Health: Using Heart Rate Variability to Gain Valuable Insights Into How Stress Affects The Body, and What You Can Do About It | Michael Kessler, DC

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Michael Kessler

About Michael Kessler

Michael Kessler, DC, CCSP, has 25 years clinical experience with a primary focus on nutritional and energetic therapies, and is highly experienced in the integration of advanced healing methods, systems, and devices. Dr. Kessler is the author of four books for Lombardi Press: “The 8 Day Detox Breakthrough,” “The New Medicine Cure,” “Doctor’s Home Remedies that Work,” and “New Breakthroughs in Natural Pain Healing.” He also wrote articles for a monthly basis for several years for a health newsletter for Lombardi. Dr. Kessler has taught numerous workshops on a variety of topics for Designs for Health as well as Biotics Research, Nutri-Energetics Systems, and has lectured for the Academy of Complimentary and Integrative Medicine. He now teaches individual practitioners how they can integrate a variety of modalities into their practices to help localize the core imbalances that are contributing to their patients’ health problems, focusing on the brain and nervous system.  Dr. Kessler has a degree in psychology and chiropractic sports medicine, and has served as the team doctor for the US Judo team and has traveled internationally with them.  He is also a nutritional therapist practitioner. In 2021, he formed Global Health Solutions to educate practitioners and also provide objective tools to track patients’ health and progress.

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  • Dr. Kessler was led to chiropractic school through his experience with martial arts while training for the Olympic Judo team.

  • HeartQuest, the Heart Rate Variability machine is more than just a heart rate variability machine.  It goes beyond heart rate to measure the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, and aspects of Ayurvedic medicine.  The system integrates

  • all systems so it is possible to address any desired system by using TCM/acupuncture, or Ayurvedic medicine, or other modalities of choice.

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV), is the variation between one “r-wave” and the next.  This is a window to look into the autonomic nervous system.

  • The more variation present, the more robust the autonomic nervous system.

  • HRV is a main indicator of how well one can adapt to all kinds of stress - emotional, mental, or physical

  • Clinically, it has been seen that increased HRV increases a person’s outcome when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

  • If someone’s stress index is very high on the HeartQuest, the body is using more resources to deal with stressors.

  • The HeartQuest can measure the Ayurvedic doshas and TCM meridians and give detailed insight into any imbalances present.

  • Dr. Kessler is able to measure the effects that healing modalities have on the autonomic nervous system.  This was tested at the recent BRMI conference with sound therapy, Weber light laser therapy, and more.

  • There are many ways to stimulate the parasympathetic system.  For chronically ill people who have been in a sympathetic state for much too long, the parasympathetic system is weakened.  Hence, Vagal nerve stimulation is critically important.  

  • The Vagal nerve is the longest nerve in the body, and travels from the brain to the gut.

  • When we are stressed, the sympathetic nervous system signals the brain to release cortisol.  However, if we are under chronic and continued stress without reprieve, we become resistant to cortisol.  Once this happens, the immune system becomes affected and suppressed.  Not only that, but the mucosal membrane of the gut is affected, and contributes to leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivities.  Furthermore, insulin resistance occurs, inflammation increases, accelerated bone loss occurs, fat is accumulated around the waist, and proteins within the muscles get broken down.

  • All these symptoms are directly caused by chronic stress.

  • As a result, we are more vulnerable to viral infections, allergies, asthma, bacterial infections, sinus infections, UTIs, and autoimmunity.  It is a vicious cycle.  Eventually, the chronic inflammation will affect the brain.    

  • Do whatever you can to heal the gut, reduce inflammation with curcumin, resveritol, ashwaganda, etc. (Please do consult with your practitioner before trying these at home.)

  • Dr. Kessler will have a list coming soon of practitioners who are using the HeartQuest system.

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