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Podcast #8 Stepping out of Comfort to Reconnect to Ourselves | Michael Roviello

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest Michael Roviello

About Michael Roviello 

A New York City native, Michael chose to leave his hometown of Queens to join the U.S Navy in 1999. With years of conducting helicopter search and rescue missions deployed around the globe as a helicopter rescue swimmer, combat search and rescue crewman and anti-submarine warfare operator deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

A successful businessman inside the corporate structure of higher education for 13 years, Michael earned an MBA , MaEd/AET and the responsibility as a Senior Director of Operations for the Dept of Military and Veteran Affairs for a fortune 500 organization in Tempe, Arizona dedicating his life to active duty military, reserve and veteran education programs.  

After many bouts with cervical spine issues, neurological pain and degradation, Michael turned to natural /alternative methods after fully exploring western science medical practices, spine surgery, pain management, pharmaceutical intervention and advice. After declining a professional recommendation for a second cervical surgery, Michael explored alternative methods and ideologies to healing putting a lot of emphasis in trying to understand the mind-body connection with hopes that this would put an end to chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and neurological issues. 


Michael’s journey took him to the Amazon jungle exploring healing modalities used by indigenous people of that region using medicinal plants, diets and ancestral practices to explore the mind-body and spirit with great results. 

Michael also found the Wim Hof Method using cold water, breathing exercises and a change in his mindset as a tool for self-healing and deeper understanding of self. Using the cold-water therapy, breathwork and sauna, Michael committed to a daily practice seeing great results in pain management, improved sleep, inflammation, clarity, peace of mind, energy and resilience. Using these natural methods and living a life committed to working on himself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, there never was a need for a second surgery, pharmaceutical intervention and pain management clinics since 2012. 

Using lesson learned and research from his journey into natural and alternative methods learning from some of the best in their fields, Michael became a Wim Hof Method certified instructor teaching across the U.S and Mexico, XPT (Breath, Move, Recover) Coach combining contrast therapy training, breath-work and pool training  to others around the valley. Michael a teacher by nature with a master’s degree in adult education and training, he considers himself a student for life in the area of self-exploration, biohacking, wellness and ancient practices that have stood the test of time.


"Optimyze was born out of wanting to create that space…and really eliminate any barriers. We wanted to make it automatic for people who are dedicated to their daily practice of optimizing their health and wellness naturally. This is a place that is the dream come true experience we always wish we had for our friends, family and ourselves. It’s exactly what we wished we had when we first started working with the elements to find our synergy years ago."

Website // OPTIMYZE.ME

Center // 602.466.9775

Mobile // 619-861-7501


My Message...

Step out of comfort to reconnect to yourself

Michael Roviello, Co-Founder Optizyme

Episode Highlights with Michael Roviello

Michael Roviello - Stepping Out of Comfort to Reconnect to Ourselves

  • Journey through allopathic medicine to alternative health to create Optimize, his own new practice

  • Wim Hof Method:

    • Known for extreme endurance despite environment

    • After the loss of his wife (Wim Hof) he turned to cold as his teacher

    • Now taught around the world (2012 - Wif Hof was injected with a neurotoxin to show the ability of the body to overcome the autonomic nervous system)

  • Cold: a powerful therapy medically and spiritually

    • Tools are helpful in implementing this therapy​

      • Trains sympathetic nervous system to switch from the sympathetic the parasympathetic​ state

        • Sympathetic historical was a way to respond to real threats, the body can no longer differentiate​

        • Allows the body to step into discomfort and to learn to cope

          • With adjustments from the body we allow our nervous system to calm​

            • Breath becomes longer, fuller, stronger​

            • The ability to surrender mentally allows the discovery of peace and strengthening of the mind

    • Inflammation: Cold has a profound effect on inflammation​

      • Even with practice, cold will often create discomfort and provides a barometer to the internal self​

        • Helps quiet a busy mind and to allow the body to trust​

        • How we act and react to stress is where our power is

          • Cold reduces inflammatory cytokines​

            • In the right conditions, the body can provide its own pharmacy​​

            • Start slowly, with a shower, to acclimate the body

      • Contraindications:​ heart conditions, epilepsy, seizures ​, pregnancy

        • Cold therapy may be followed by sauna, yet there is a benefit to regulating the body to warmth​

          • Trains the vascular system​

    • Mindset: Cold can provide a gateway to get into a deep meditative state​

      • Allows for internal intention​ without extensive training

      • Easier to practice breathing as there is already an alpha or beta state to utilize

        • Benefits: less reactive, less triggered, more calm in the face of adversity.

          • Consciousness to breathing with more control.

    • Breathing: Breathing controls many internal systems​

      • We can create up-regulation or down-regulation​

        • Nasal breathing is optimal: breath in slowly and breathe out with extended exhales​

          • Can change state immediately​

          • More calm, relaxed state for parasympathetic tone

          • Wim Hof method creates more up-regulation

    • CO2 tolerance: Ability to go through normal conditions while utilizing O2 more efficiently​

      • Breathing training can train the body how to react​

      • As CO2 increases O2 floods our body

        • Creates epinephrine, with an anti-inflammatory effect

      • Many Wim Hof instructors worldwide (see show notes)

        • Best in person for mentorship, guidance, and support ​

    • Takeaway: All of these tools provide a ​way to connect you to yourself through nature

      • Comfort is making us weak, mentally , physically, and emotionally as well as making us sick. 

        • We need to step out of comfort to heal. ​

    • See show notes for clinic and contact information. 

      • Mission to empower individuals to take responsibility over their physical, emotional, and spiritual health through natural methods

    • Visit Optizyme for more details on how to live an optimal life!​

  • Message:

    • Seek Nature for healing

    • Use discipline to connect yourself to your world

    • Push yourself out of your comfort zone

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