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Fusing Crystals and Light to Optimize Health and Feel Your Best | Mike Broadwell

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Mike Broadwell

About Mike Broadwell

Mike Broadwell has spent the last decade specializing in crystal fusion light therapy. He works with leading specialists in the field of integrative health and wellness, and offers training, consulting and ongoing support for practitioners, and individuals. He recently launched his own crystal fusion light therapy device called SolaraGem.

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“Crystals are the core of communication... water is liquid crystal when it is structured in a living form.  And water is the basis of communication in the body.”
-Mike Broadwell

Episode Highlights with Mike Broadwell


  • Crystal fusion light therapy is the combination of crystals, light, color and frequency.  This practice originated in ancient times when healers would take their patients into full sunlight and place different stones on different parts of the body, allowing the light to carry the information into the cells.

  • Using amethyst on the head and/or crown chakra is highly effective for stress, anxiety, sleep, and chronic pain.  This is a great stone to begin with.

  • Both rose quartz and emerald are ideal for the heart chakra.  However, any stone or crystal can be used to benefit the body.

  • Amethyst can be used to calm the mind, and rose quartz subsequently may be used to soothe the heart.

    • Amethyst – calming the mind/crown/stress

    • Rose Quartz – balancing the heart

    • Carnelian – boosting/warming energy

    • Sapphire – balancing

    • Emerald - balancing

    • Citrine – cleansing/detox

    • Moonstone – female hormone balancing

    • Ruby – moving lymph or stagnant energy

      • May be used for scar tissue, and opening up stuck detox pathways. 

  • Self-treating with SolaraGem is relatively safe.  Remember to not administer ruby to the brain or the heart, and do not use the strobe function if there is a seizure disorder. 

  • SolaraGem is safe for use on children and pets alike.

  • Raw stones are typically more powerful than the polished “pretty” stones. Some stones found in stores are sprayed with chemicals. 

  • Remember that crystals amplify the energy present in the room. If you have a lot of EMF present, for instance, with several crystals or geodes, they will reflect this chaotic energy as well.

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