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Sound Therapy: Harnessing the Power of Sound to Regulate the Body, Mind, and Spirit | Moira Lo Bianco

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Moira Lo Bianco

About Moira Lo Bianco


Sound Therapist Moira Lo Bianco is an accomplished composer, pianist, and educator. She brings her deep understanding of music to her sound work. Hailing from Italy, Moira graduated from F. Torrefranca Conservatory, and later from TorVergata University of Rome. She further earned a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she graduated in 2012. Moira is a committed meditation and yoga practitioner and teacher. She received an advanced Yoga education, and has certifications in Meditation as well as Sound Therapy. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute, and has recently presented her sound therapy work at the 2021 BRMI conference in Scottsdale, AR.

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My Message
"A great musician is a great listener."
-Moira Lo Bianco

Episode Highlights with Moira Lo Bianco


  • Moira began playing piano at age of five, and has been immersed in music since.

  • Sound healing uses specific instruments

  • Western music is tuned within the equal temperament system, introduced in the 1700’s which subdivides the octave into twelve semi-tones.  This is helpful for musicians and composers, but when it comes to the overtones, they are limited.

  • In contrast, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs have infinite overtones.

  • We identify with music as individuals and cultures.  There are major and minor chords, and subdivisions of each, which affect us differently. 

  • Moira does 1:1 sessions, working with the biofield and the chakras.

  • It is helpful to use acoustic instruments because the body itself has a “sound.”  When Moira hears a disturbance with the resonance, she will remain with it until it shifts.

  • During a sound therapy session, there is cellular/somatic entrainment, and also brain entrainment.  The tuning forks and singing bowls induce different states of consciousness through bringing about the differing brainwave activity.  This allows the body to regulate itself.

  • At the recent BRMI conference in Scottsdale, AZ, Moira facilitated dozens of sound therapy sessions.  Before and after many of these sessions, Heart Rate Variability was tested by Dr. Michael Kessler.  These experiments revealed amazing results after only short 20-minute sessions.

  • With stress being the largest factor in disease, sound therapy is an excellent way to get the body out of the sympathetic state and into the self-regulating, parasympathetic state.

  • The importance of an outlet that engages both the body and the mind cannot be overstated, whether it be playing a musical instrument, a sport, a yoga practice, etc.

  • Moira’s advice would be to purchase an inexpensive tuning fork, strike it with a mallet or on your knee, hold it near the right ear, then the left, and begin humming with the tone to regulate your frequency.

Links and Resources Mentioned

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