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Book Review: The Autism Vaccine

Author: Forrest Maready

Book Review by Catherine Austin Fitts as featured in The Solari Report

book cover: the autism vaccine

There are many who ignore the obvious and insist vaccines have never had anything to do with autism. The weight of history is gathering like a storm and is beginning to pass them by.” ~ Forrest Maready

What a marvelous book this is. I have read several good books that document the last century of vaccines and vaccine injury in America. When a subscriber suggested I read this one, I wondered—why read another?

Here’s why. Forrest Maready is a beautiful writer and an excellent storyteller. He weaves a history of vaccines in America through intimate stories of people and families touched by the tragic harm done for 100 years of injecting aluminum into children’s veins that goes to their brains. By doing so, Maready communicates the experience of millions of Americans on the front lines of this medical experimentation that powerfully refutes the official positions of governments and the medical-pharmaceutical complex.

One of the reasons that it has been difficult to turn the tables on the psychopathy of American vaccine policies is because it is hard for many people to fathom the extent of the lies and inhumanity involved. By telling us human stories with a wise, intelligent voice, Forrest Maready dissolves the trance that has made it so difficult to face what must be done and to bring about real change.

Before you ever permit a child to be vaccinated or participate in the adoption of a vaccine policy, you need to read The Autism Vaccine.


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