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Book Review: What Color is Your Medicine?

Author Regina Powers, review by The Bioregulatory Medicine Institute 

book cover: What Color is Your Medicine?

Author Regina Powers takes readers on a profound journey of self-discovery in “What Color is Your Medicine?” Through poignant storytelling, she navigates us through loss, trials, and triumphs, accumulating wisdom and insights that resonate deeply. Powers' raw honesty and inspiration shine through as she unveils the layers of separation between us and our divine essence and how energy medicine can be a powerful path to healing.

Reminiscent of historic homes in which they peel back many layers of flooring–a byproduct of many hideous trends–only to reveal a beautiful original wood floor is parallel to us. As we continue through life, we too accumulate layers that hide our true essence and beauty within. 

Powers asserts that letting go can be more of a difficult act than holding on. It is perhaps why so many of us unconsciously carry lifelong traumas that interfere with our connection to ourselves and our world. By letting go, we strip away the barrier and allow alignment to our higher self.

By seamlessly weaving in the five Elements of Chinese medicine, Powers illuminates their significance in our daily lives through compelling cases and experiences. Her perspective on nature and earth as our ultimate teachers–with a two-way dialogue– prompted her to ask nature the question, 'What color is my medicine today?' 

Her journey of releasing trauma serves as a beacon for those seeking their true selves. 'What Color is Your Medicine?' is not just a book; it's a transformative experience that invites readers to embrace vulnerability, growth, and the path to authenticity and interconnectedness. 


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