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Coronavirus: Overcome Fear with Facts & Confidence

Naturopathic Newsletter Alpstein Clinic Gais, Switzerland (17.3.2020)

Data, background, active prevention, and treatment with integrative biological medicine

As we all know, large parts of Europe and North America are in a pandemic state of emergency. The reason for it is the supposedly high levels of aggressiveness and death rates from Coronavirus. But in our expert medical opinions, the unprecedented media madness and intensity is the biggest problem – causing unnecessary and cumbersome levels of fear and hysteria across the globe.

So, what are the real facts and causes? How dangerous is Coronavirus compared to the annual influenza virus/flu? Why isn’t a major emphasis being placed on the vast population’s capability to remain healthy and our immune system’s ability to defend itself against viruses, including Coronavirus – while also using natural, biological methods to help strengthen and empower the immune system?

Alpstein Clinic is here to help eliminate unnecessary fear and hysteria regarding this extraordinary Coronavirus topic. We are also grateful for the opportunity to greet you and share competent advice that will allow us to help safeguard everyone’s health, families, friends, communities, and vitality.

True Facts

The COVID-19 Coronavirus was first diagnosed in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Since then, approximately 80,000 cases of illness and approximately 3,000 deaths have been recorded in this city. The rate of newly infected persons in China appears to be regressing. As is typical for a flu-like virus, the Coronavirus incubation period is 3-14 days and, clinically, symptoms include body aches, runny nose, fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

In very rare cases, severe respiratory failure may occur due to pneumonia, circulatory collapse, and kidney failure. As of today, 7,272 positive Coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Germany -- and 17 cases with fatality (= 0.233%) have been registered. In Switzerland, the numbers are 2,330, cases with 19 fatalities (= 0.815%) and in the US, the numbers are 4,661, cases with 85 fatalities (= 1.823%) reported (source: John Hopkins Institute, New York, 3467b48e9ecf6

According to sensible estimations, a very small number of cases vary from the data of past flu outbreaks. Central Europe experienced an unusually strong wave of influenza in the 2017/2018 season, which affected around 25,100 Germans, who have consequently lost their lives (Quelle: Deutsches Ärzteblatt,

In 2019, approximately 19 million were affected by the flu virus in the USA, of which 180,000 required hospitalization and approximately 10,000 died (source: Statistica 2019).

In 2018, the World Health Organization registered 140,000 deaths from measles, 405,000 deaths from malaria, and 1.5 million deaths from tuberculosis. The flu outbreak from 2108 claimed approximately 650,000 lives. These numbers are countered by the above-mentioned figures of Coronavirus. Readers should make judgments and comparisons for themselves. . .

How does our virus and immune defense work?

It is very unfortunate that the media rarely focuses on the scientific evidence that the human body has a highly effective and intelligent defense system against viruses and invaders. As the first illustration depicts, viruses are tackled by our humoral and cellular immune response. This is preceded by our mucous membranes, which inhibit the penetration of the viruses via an antibody-containing mucus layer. Since viruses can only multiply in a host cell, it is essential that the cell wall of mucous membranes must not be destabilized by external and internal toxins (and a lack of unsaturated fatty acids).

The majority of our immune cells are located in the lymph system, lymph nodes, and immune organs, which are primarily the spleen, thymus, intestine, and bone marrow. The secondary immune organs, such as tonsils, appendix, and copper-like star cells of the liver are important and must not be left out. Since most children have a high immune activity via the primary and secondary immune organs compared to adults and elderly people, children are less sensitive to developing life-threatening virus complications. Additionally, since almost 60 percent of our lymph and immune cells are located in the abdomen, our digestive tract is very important in the defense against mucous membranes. Thus, the intestine is a key element of risk control and infection prevention, with a view at the major complication of the viral flu – pneumonia.

Effective flu prevention and virus defense is natural and always possible

Let’s differentiate between general and specific therapy components, which enable preventive and therapeutic measures against viruses. Figure 2 sums up all essential and scientificallybased factors that trigger and influence activity and efficiency of our immune system. It is important to emphasize a famous principle “The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything” (Dr. A. Bechamp); viruses are less the cause of disease BUT the symptom of an imbalance of other primary components. Only with a causative-oriented approach as is the principle of Alpstein Clinic (i.e. whole-body medicine), can we succeed against any systemic disease, including the Coronavirus-related flu.

These causative triggers are also responsible for and lead to chronic illness, comprised immune system, and especially elderly people having the greatest risk of dying from virusrelated compli


The graphics below demonstrate our primary recommendations to diminish coronavirus risks, fear, and anxiety. Most measures are simple, inexpensive, and possible without requiring a doctor's visit or a major clinic. We recommend these exceptional naturopathic remedies for immediate use.

1. Cistus Incanus (CYSTUS 052®) pastille, forms a protective layer on oral/pharynx mucosa and digestive tract mucosa, for prevention: 3x1 pastille per day or suck one every hour if a sore throat begins;

2. OSCILLOCOCCINUM®, homeopathic organ preparation from spleen and liver, stimulation of primary lymph organs, for prevention: allow 5 globules to dissolve in the mouth daily, take one tube per day if flu-like symptoms begin;

3. Glandula Thymi D6 Capsules (Sanum-Kehlbeck), homeopathic organ preparation from thymus, stimulation of the thymus and maturation of T-lymphocytes, for prevention: 2 capsules per week, 1 capsule daily in case of health complaints;

4. GRIPP-Heel® tablets (Heel), homeopathic complex: for prevention, suck 2-3x 1 tablet; or 6 tablets daily when symptomatic;

5. METAVIRULENT® drops (meta Fackler), homeopathic complex with Influenzinum nosode and lactic acid additionally: for prevention, use 3x10 drops or 12x5-10 drops when health complaints are present.

Offer for multi-morbid and high-risk patients to actively prevent virus flu outbrea

As always, we are here to provide guidance and therapeutic remedies and treatments. Each day, we are fulfilling and shipping remedies to patients, individuals, and families across the globe to help strengthen the immune system. For new Alpstein patients, all that is required is a consultation, which can be scheduled as a phone call or as a web-based Zoom Video Conference.

For an intensive (and onsite) active prevention package, we offer the Alpstein “Immune Building Day”. It contains highly effective therapies that last for approximately five hours, including a 60-minute Iratherm® whole-body hyperthermia (for fever therapy); high-dose infusions with antiviral, lymph activating, and immune system-relevant amino acids; intramuscular injection of thymus and spleen organo-peptide extracts; and a medical colon cleansing with ozone and gentle hydrotherapy as well as special acupuncture/acupressure therapies.

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