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Innovative Approaches in Diagnosing and Cleansing of Environmental Toxicity

by Dr. Ralf Oettmeier, MD, Head Physician Alpstein Clinic Gais, Switzerland

The amount of potentially toxic (poisonous) substances has increased dramatically!

We have known for a long time how significant environmental toxins are as disease-causing factors. Since 1950, about 450,000 (Source: KMT Continuing Education Course - Presentation) new chemical substances have entered the environment and their significance for our health, respectively triggering all possible chronic disease and cancer, is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, research can now clearly name many substances with regard to their toxicological profile (poisoning). The American platform "ATSDR" provides extensive information on toxins (poisons) in correlation with diseases and publishes every 2 years a ranking of the most toxic substances.

Pollutant analysis at the Alpstein Clinic

Despite a variety of efforts by holistic physicians, the acceptance in the medical profession of toxins in the body as a major cause of disease has so far fallen short of expectations. The insufficient scientific acceptance of hair mineral analysis, SO-Check hand scan (Oligoscan®) or chelate mobilization test is also responsible for this. However, thanks to intensive research in the field of analytics, it has now been possible to determine the content of toxic substances of all kinds in lymphocytes with a precision of 98 (!) percent. This is an "intracellular, electrical capacitive measurement". Until now, this was only common in wet chemistry. However, microchip technology has created considerable potential in fluid measurement, so that the system of measuring fluid substances, taking into account the metal-binding proteins, can also be applied to all kinds of other chemical substances (proteins, metals, organic substances) could be transferred (1-4).

The following example shows a measurement result of the "Top 27 Environmental Toxins" from the area of heavy metals and organic environmental toxins. It should be noted here that the concentration of the pollutants is in the range "nmol/l", which corresponds exactly to the concentration ranges of hormones and messenger substances in the nervous system.

iEC toxin analysis from a 56-y. old women suffering from metastatic colonic cancer

Ideally, the measured values should be below 10 nmol/l, which is rather rare. Frequently, the toxins are found in the borderline range (= borderline), which in total can also attain medical significance. The laboratory cooperating with us offers a range of about 900 contaminants from 21 substance classes.

Based on the mentioned ATSDR ranking list, we offer analysis of the most important 27 (Basic) and 53 (Advanced) at the Alpstein Clinic.

One of our patients with chronic weakness, skin eczema, recurrent infections, depression, and hormonal imbalances has approximately 300 pollutants in her lymphocyte measurements. What surprised us was that it showed only 1 percent with normal values, whereas more than 50 percent showed borderline or elevated levels of toxins.

The following example demonstrates the opportunity to also measure dental materials. This 45-years old patient was suffering from chronic fatigue for many years. Due to early carious defects instead of receiving Amalgam, he instead received plastic fillings and some ceramic crowns.

In many cases, in addition to occupational and private exposure to sources of toxins, such high levels of pollutants are also due to genetic or epigenetic weaknesses of the excretory enzymes. This can also be analyzed very well in the meantime.

Targeted reduction of pollutant loads

Of course, the best diagnostics are of little use if effective, adequate therapies are not also available.

In this area the concept of the Alpstein Clinic has very extensive possibilities:

INUSpherese®: Highly innovative Blood plasma purification to strengthen the immune defense and self-healing

The original Chemopherese® concept particularly revolved around eliminating toxins, i.e. chemicals such as pesticides and organic solvents, as well as heavy me- tals. INUSpherese® then enhanced this by also removing pathological proteins and immune complexes, metabolic waste, infection toxins, allergens, and inflammatory messengers. Blood-plasma purification, also known as plasmapheresis (from the Greek apherein = to separate), helps the body eliminate harmful proteins and metabolic products (e.g. cholesterol, etc.) or other toxic loads (paraproteins, circulating immune complexes, complex infection toxins, pathoproteins, haptens) and restore dysregulated metabolisms and inflammatory cascades/ the immune system to their natural equilibrium (metabolic/immunomodulation), re-activating the body’s self-healing powers.

Blood is taken and restored via the arm veins using special cannulas. Treatment takes approx. two hours, and is performed by the Alpstein Clinic’s specially trained and qualified medical staff and assistants. There are three different types of filters, whose efficacy has been proven in clinical studies. The process is considered very effective with a high degree of tolerance.

The principle of the INUSpheresis® is shown in the next figure.

The success proves us right

Of course, it is also possible to measure the efficiency of the INUSpheresis® system by measuring the content of filtered out toxins into the filter product eluate using the same panel of IGL laboratory. The following figure demonstrates one example.

Finally, we started to test the toxin level follow up some weeks after the cleansing method INUSpheresis®. Within the next six months the data base assessment of over 50 patients should be finished and will be published.

The last figure gives an example of one patient (62-years old) suffering from a severe chronic fatigue and neuropathy for a long time. He has tried a lot of conventional and also integrative and alternative methods to find improvement. He also got many chelation treatments along with a many supplements. But nothing has helped. The INUSpheresis after targeted toxin analysis using the new laboratory has brought the breakthrough. Step by step he is feeling better and more energized. Beside a lot of “Top 27” toxins we found especially radioactive load from Uran 235. After two INUSpheresis® the general toxic load was diminished from 8108 nmol/l to 4052 nmol/l. The reduction due to the cleansing was 50.1 percent! And we were delighted that also Uran 235 was significantly diminished.

Perspective view

The decribed method of environmental toxin analysis using lymphocytes means an innovative analysis with a high-grade accuracy. This will increase the acceptance of our findings a lot and is recommended to become a basic standard in bioregulatory, integrative and causative working centers.

Contact data of the laboratory:

IGL Labor GmbH - Institut für ganzheitliche Labordiagnostik Dorfstraße 15 25872 Wittbek


Phone: +49 (0)48 45 - 79 16 40



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