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Spring is Here, Allergies Anyone?

By Kristina White; Educator, Certified Classical Homeopath, CCH

As spring comes along with sunny and rainy days, budding plants, growing grass, mold and dust, it also brings for many of us the beginning of allergies. One of my favorite times of the year is spring and getting out and enjoying the season is a must for me and I have had allergies since very young!

So, what can we do to keep allergies in check and improve them over time?

Homeopathy is a great resource for the allergy season!

If you have been learning more about homeopathy you know that one remedy DOES NOT fit all so, bear with me and give some thought to how your allergies tend to show up.

Since we are each unique, we need to look at our unique allergy symptoms. Our bodies are excellent at sending out the same symptoms and patterns when they are triggered by an event such as, "allergies."

We tend to generalize and say, it's allergies, it's a headache, etc. and completely miss the opportunity to feel and observe the unique symptoms and patterns our body is sending out..

Remember... knowledge is power!

Basically, you are looking to match your "symptom profile" to the "symptom profile" of the homeopathic remedy!

Let's look at the "symptom profile" of a few common remedies helpful for allergies!

Apis - Very swollen, red, itchy runny eyes and very often your "allergies" will also show up on your skin with blotchy almost hive like spots on face, eyes, neck, or trunk. Burning of eyes and skin! Typically, symptoms are worse in the heat, better by cold applications.

Arsenicum - stuffiness, and lots and lots of watery nasal discharge that burns the skin. Burning sensation in the eyes, nose and/or the throat. Sneezing typically when you first wake up and sometimes you will feel a tickle in your throat or nose. You will also feel better in a warm room, bath or warm drinks. You may feel you are pretty anxious and restless during allergies and maybe in general. Symptoms tend to be on the right side.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum - It is all about the eyes when this remedy is most helpful! Lots of tearing that is burning. Interestingly, any discharge from the nose will NOT burn. You will tend to have a cough. Getting up in the morning will be a definite chore and you are happiest in open air and possibly in the dark... For real, better in the dark!

Natrum Mur - One of my favorite remedies since it works so well for me and so many....

You will have watery or egg-white-like nasal discharge. Tons and tons of sneezing repeatedly.! Very often you will have dry or chapped lips and sometimes actual cracks at the corners of your mouth. For severe cases, you may have dark circles under your eyes. Headaches usually have that dull heaviness feeling that just sits there. Frequently, the headache tends to sit behind the left eye and extend down into left ear. I also find allergies are worse during wet, damp weather due to mold...

We have highlighted some of the unique symptoms of the remedy profiles. Any of them sound like you? Take a few moments and think how your allergies tend to show up for you? Do any of these remedies match well? Maybe a couple match?

For more information on homeopathy, join Kristina at Your Life and Land.

Educator, Certified Classical Homeopath, CCH


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