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The COVID-19 Pandemic - Too Many Lies to Count

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Season 2 of the Science of Self-Healing Podcast has a NEW host! Please welcome Dr. James Odell, the Medical and Executive Director for BRMI, as well as a practicing naturopathic doctor for over 35 years.

In this podcast, Dr. James Odell sheds light on the deception that has circulated during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also delves into the concerns related to mask-wearing, illuminates the numerous safety issues surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations, and offers suggestions for detoxifying after receiving the vaccine. If you're seeking an authentic account of the pandemic's events, this episode is a must-listen!


In this episode, I'm going to briefly present an overview of several issues surrounding COVID in the so called pandemic. The purpose is to summarize and succinctly outline many of the important issues, such as government health agency lies that we've experienced over the last three years.

First off, it's important to note there are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, the gatekeepers of free speech have ensured that we only hear one side. So the narrative has really been biased and one sided. Numerous whistleblowers doctors and scientists were all still being censored on social media, YouTube and mainstream platforms. The government used corporations to impose mandates and lockdowns. This censorship continues now and is astounding because really, at this time people want to have a more open dialogue, an open conversation about things COVID. People want to bring science back into the conversation, particularly in relationship to the so called vaccines.

As you know, the mRNA so called vaccines are not really vaccines in the conventional or historical sense. So they changed the definition of a vaccine to fit their genetic biologic device. Many in the know call them bioweapons. I will simply refer to them as inoculations. Some people use such terms as the hokey pokey or the jab or the death shot and the safe and effective or actually it's not safe and effective, whatever you want to call it. It's certainly not a vaccine in the conventional sense of the word, better understood as a bioweapon device.

Over the last three years, we've been given misinformation false information. Basically, we've been lied to by medical institutions that we trusted to protect us. This, coupled with censorship has truly crippled the public's confidence in government regulatory agencies.

Still, not everyone has woken up to the fact that we've been lied to, partly because not everyone really looks at independent and alternative news sources. Many still only follow the mainstream media, which is bought by Big Pharma. There are some excellent alternative news sources, though. Some of my personal favorites are Children Health Defense, Robert Kennedy Jr's. Website, The Solari Report, that's Catherine Austin Fitz's website, the Epoch Times, which is an excellent independent news journal. They have videos, TV and online sources of information on a daily basis. And one of my all time favorite sources of medical information and news is the highwire that's Del Bigtree's source. This also features Jeffrey Jaxen in The Jaxen Report. Jeffrey is an amazing investigative journalist who gets to the bottom of the truth and provides published sources for his stories. I highly recommend that you look into some of these medical news sources and if possible, financially support them.

When the pandemic more appropriately called plandemic first happened, there were lockdowns, maskings, social distancing, and the world basically went cuckoo. This was all designed to roll out the inoculations on the world. But in order to release the experimental jab, the government had to do one thing. It had to declare what's called Emergency Use Authorization, or EUA. Because Big Pharma wanted to bypass the usual lengthy trial period for vaccine trials, which is typically more than a decade, they released it to the public in only ten months. Usually it takes years of human trials to fully understand the potential side effects, particularly with new biological drugs such as mRNA. This is because it takes time for the development of cancers, autoimmune diseases and other types of degenerative diseases to present themselves.

Now, to issue Emergency Use Authorization, there cannot be a viable treatment alternative to the inoculation, in other words, a viable drug. But there were alternative, effective treatments that were being effectively used by several physicians. However, these physicians were censored slandered, and some even lost their license to practice. Some of these effective treatments were herbal and in the world of natural health, but some were also pharmacological. Particularly we have ivermectin as well as hydroxychloroquine, which were both proven effective early on. Unfortunately, the media called ivermectin a horse medicine. Remember that? And the CDC and FDA forbid its use in hospitals. Now, the FDA admits ivermectin can be used for COVID after three years, right? But at that time they did not want to say that because they wanted to issue this Emergency Use Authorization for this experimental jab.

So in the meantime, the flu or influenza disappeared. Every sniffle and cough was now diagnosed as COVID. PCR testing was used to diagnose COVID, even though it was not ever designed to be that specific. We now know that the PCR tests are and were unreliable. So reports show that no one got the flu and everyone was having COVID, even asymptomatic individuals. Let's repeat that it was announced that asymptomatic people were considered carriers of COVID the hospitalized people usually had comorbidities, such as heart disease, pulmonary conditions, diabetes. Many of them were cancer patients and very ill with other types of illnesses. These unfortunate individuals were kept in isolation, unable to see their family. Many were put on ventilators and given the toxic drug remdesivir. Remdesivir had a terrible historic record. A lot of them, of course, did not make it. However, hospitals were financially incentivized. They were incentivized for admitting a COVID patient, for putting the COVID patient on a ventilator, and further incentivized if there was a COVID death. This really pushed the whole narrative in that the death count numbers went up. Remember the little death count toll on the television? Everything was COVID, even those involved in car accidents and gunshot wounds who had a positive PCR test would be a COVID patient or counted as a COVID patient. So there were a lot more numbers being reported than were happening. This was a lie. The numbers were a lie.

Another lie that happened at the same time was about masking, which became mandated. They were saying masks were safe and effective, which they are neither. Well, of course, viruses are too small to be stopped by a mask. As we know, masks compromise cardiovascular conditions. They depress the immunity. More recent research has reported that chronic mask wearing even causes brain and neuronal damage, particularly in children whose brain is still developing. Furthermore, if you breathe microorganisms again and again underneath the mask, this can potentially cause infection. A comprehensive review published in Front Public Health in April found significant impacts of both surgical and N 95 mask. Adverse effects correlated with mask wearing included decreased oxygen saturation, decreased minute ventilation, increased carbon dioxide in the blood, increased heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature, higher levels of discomfort and anxiety, shortness of breath, headaches, acne, skin irritations, and dizziness.

Now, the word on the street is that they're going to be masking us up again. It's already happening in certain colleges. They're requiring students to wear masks due to the new variants. Afoot, yes, and possibly even locking us down. TSA at the airports will probably require masking in September and October. It's undetermined if this will be mandated into the airlines. But the new variant narrative has already started up again by the media. Personally, I will not comply with mask requirements. I suggest that you do your research and you will discover that neither are they safe or effective.

Another early lie was that the inoculation prevents transmission. Well, we now know from the CDC that the jab does not prevent transmission. And it was tragic that children were inoculated to prevent transmission to adults when it doesn't do that. Children were not getting COVID. They were not dying of COVID. Yet mask and inoculations were mandated. The shot is now in the CDC childhood vaccine schedule along with 72 other vaccines before the age of 18.

Another lie was that the inoculations were safe and effective. This became a media mantra safe and effective. Safe and effective. We heard it on every channel and every mockingbird channel. The vaccine reporting system around the globe tells a different story. Well, now that it hasn't been proven safe and effective, and tens of thousands of people have developed severe side effects as well as death, turbo cancers are on the rise.

These are cancers that just suddenly appear and grow fast and cannot be treated as a normal cancer. Also reported are strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, and much more. The clotting issue has been graphically demonstrated by many morticians who perform postmortem autopsies on individuals that had been inoculated. There's a lot of videos out there on YouTube that show these clot materials coming out of people's veins that look like calamari it's really all quite frightening, and that particularly that cancers are increasing too.

Another lie was that this COVID shot stays in the arm, right in the deltoid muscle where it was injected, and doesn't travel to distant organs. We now know that's not true. In November of 2020, Pfizer was aware that shots could potentially affect the brain as well as the eyes, the heart, the ovaries, and more travels everywhere. The spike protein travels everywhere. This became apparent when other scientists doing autopsies noticed that the spike protein traveled to distant organs.

Consequently, what we saw was a rise in miscarriages stillbirths, and infertility this we still see because this so adversely affects the reproductive organs. They even suggested it for pregnant women, even though it was never tested on pregnant or nursing women.

People began to ask questions. Yes, they wanted to know more information about the ingredients of the shot. And this is when Pfizer reluctantly said that they were not going to disclose their documents for a staggering 75 years. Well, people were astounded and very upset. Thankfully, a judge intervened, reducing the timeline to eight months and emphasizing the importance of accountability and access to critical data. Moreover, concerns were raised about Pfizer's decision to prematurely end the trial after six months, when Pfizer's results were finally released. This raised many eyebrows as more deaths occurred in the vaccine group compared to the placebo group. We can now see why they wanted 75 years to release the test results.

Well, in relation to the inoculation, one of the ways that we understand all this is from the reports of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, by the CDC. As of July 28, 2023, there had been 27,000 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, 20,000 heart attacks reported and 35,000 deaths reported related to the vaccine. However, recently, the center for Disease Control VSafe website quietly stopped collecting adverse event reports. With no reason or explanation, the VSafe website states, thank you for your participation. Data collection for COVID vaccines concluded on June 30, 2023. That was the end of the quote. So if you go there today, VSafe directs users to the FDA's VAERS website for adverse event reporting, even though officials continually deride VAERS for passive and unverified information. So now the public can't really see the case numbers accurately. Of course, this is criminal, and we do have the right to know. The world has a right to know. The public needs a vaccine event reporting system, particularly now that they're advocating more vaccines on the horizon. Of course, there's always going to be new variants to mask up for and to get these inoculations for. So we will now not be informed of the consequences of the shot.

If you've already had the shot, one or more, know that there's numerous things that you can do and take to detoxify and prevent it from causing side effects. One of the things that people do is to take vitamin D and vitamin C, as well as nacetylcysteine or NAC, quercetin, and supplements to boost their immune system because we know that these jabs cause immunological depletion, particularly of T-cell lymphocytes, very important white cells. Another thing that people do is they try to thin their blood to prevent blood clots with proteolytic enzymes such as seraptase and natokinase, as well as turmeric, the spice turmeric. These proteolytic enzymes enter the bloodstream and then they help reduce the potential of microcloths and detoxify the reactive proteins such as the spike protein. However, as far as what to do to detoxify from the shot, this really is a topic for another discussion or another podcast. Just be aware that there are effective protocols that people are using and that have been shown to be helpful in reducing adverse events or adverse symptoms.

So many people are now concerned about the potential adverse events related to past inoculations as well as future inoculations. Common things like blood clots, strokes, palsies, neurological developments, there are myocarditis and pericarditis sensory disturbances, and sudden death.

As you may have heard, hundreds of athletes in perfect condition have been dying just suddenly on the field. When they're performing, it's necessary to stay informed and keep our ears to the ground, particularly in the next couple of months as to what's going on with this new inoculation. Let your friends and neighbors know of the potential dangers of masking and these shots.

I don't think that the population in the United States is going to embrace this as readily as they did before. However, there will be those that will. So it's up to us to try to inform others and be the truth tellers. Lastly, check out the Plandemic video series one, two and three by investigative filmmaker extraordinaire Mickey Willis. I think you're really going to enjoy these videos. They explain a lot.

We've also recently posted a timeline of COVID on our website. It's extensive and very informative. Please go to our website and follow up. We have a lot of interesting, health related news that we post every day.

Remember, this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for the direct care of a qualified health practitioner who oversees the provides unique and individual care. The information here is to broaden our different perspectives and should not be construed as medical advice or treatment.

Sources Mentioned:

Children Health Defense - Robert Kennedy Jr.

The Solari Report - Catherine Austin Fitz

The Highwire - Del Bigtree, also features Jeffrey Jaxen in The Jaxen Report.

Plandemic Video Series one, two and three by investigative filmmaker extraordinaire Mickey Willis.

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