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The COVID-19 Shot: Turbo Cancers and Immune System Issues

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Season 2 of the Science of Self-Healing Podcast has a NEW host! Please welcome Dr. James Odell, the Medical and Executive Director for BRMI, as well as a practicing naturopathic doctor for over 35 years.

Join us as Dr. Odell delves into the detrimental immunological effects of the COVID-19 shot, specifically Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) in children, alarming increases in turbo cancers, and rises in all-cause mortality rates. He references pathologists and other scientists and offers hypotheses on how the inoculations may be causing immune system dysregulations. Lastly, he lists supplements you can take to mitigate the detrimental effects of these inoculations.


[00:05] Dr. James Odell: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Science of Self Healing podcast for health and wellness knowledge from a different perspective. Produced by the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute, also known as BRMI. We are your source for unparalleled information about how you can naturally support your body's ability to regulate, adapt, regenerate, and self heal. I'm your host, Dr. James Odell, the medical and executive director for BRMI, as well as a practicing naturopathic doctor for over 35 years. And remember, this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for the direct care of a qualified health professional who oversees and provides unique and individual care. The information here is to broaden our different perspectives and should not be construed as medical advice or treatment. Let's get started.

[01:01] Today I'm broadcasting this episode from Codachrome State Park in Utah. So there may be a little bit of noise around me because this is the only place I could find Wifi. But Codachrome, in a lot of state parks and national parks in Utah, are known to be dark spots. What that means is that at night there is no light. It is so, so dark, and you could see the stars amazingly, and that means you could see the Milky Way so clearly. So this is a unique experience because they say by looking at the stars or stargazing, that we get different types of radiant frequencies of light. And these frequencies of light enter into our eyes, into our brain, into our pineal gland, and help us heal. So it's really wonderful to be able to stargaze at night. So if you don't have the opportunity in the city, I suggest that periodically you go out into the countryside and look up at the stars. This is such a unique and healing experience.

[01:55] This podcast episode, I'm going to cover a couple of topics. Mainly, I'm going to be talking about the immunological effects of the COVID inoculation or so called vaccine, the detrimental immunological consequences of these vaccines. Now, some people, as you know, are on their like 7th or 8th shot. So this goes out for anyone and everyone, even those that have had seven or eight shots, as well as those that haven't had any shots at all because as you know, they're ramping up and trying to promote more booster shots, saying that, oh no, this is a new variant, it's very dangerous. You're going to die trying to create a lot of this fear in everyone to take this vaccine or this inoculation.

[02:48] But before I get into that, I'd like to talk a little bit about water quality, because this came across my desk and I thought it was really important that according to a new survey, national toxicological program, that fluoride, which is in 50% of the municipal waters, is of course, a toxin. Fluoride is a toxin. It's a neurological toxin. And they released this saying that fluoride can cause prenatal and early life exposure of causing a reduced IQ. Now, we've heard of these studies before but this is a very extensive meta study of many, many other studies. In other words, this has shown that fluoride definitely decreases children's IQ. So the upshot here is if you haven't already changed your water supply into spring water or at least filtered water, now is a probably good time to do so. So let's jump into some of the studies, the more recent studies on the COVID inoculation and its effect on the immune system and then get into it all.

[03:57] So let's jump into some of the studies, the more recent studies on the COVID-19 inoculation and its effect on the immune system and then get into all of these turbo cancers that are happening that you've been hearing about. So a recent study on immunological effect, particularly of Pfizer's COVID-19 mRNA inoculation has doctors and scientists very concerned about the vaccine acquired immune deficiency or VAIDS. That's vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It's like AIDS, but it's caused by the vaccine or the inoculation. So basically, it is an immune deficiency that impairs or suppresses in some way important immunological responses particularly like certain types of white blood cells, T-cell lymphocytes. And this new study was published in The Frontiers of Immunology. And though it didn't really talk about VAIDS, the researchers recognized this and I quote, "it's a general decrease in important cytokine and chemokine responses to bacteria and fungi and other potential pathogens in children after COVID-19 inoculation." They concluded, "our findings suggest SARS COVID-19 mRNA vaccination could alter the immune responses to other pathogens which cause both preventable and nonpreventable diseases." So basically what this means is that children that receive the inoculation could be more susceptible to other types of pathogens later on. In other words, funguses or bacteria or whatever, and could just become sicker and sicker. So this is certainly a concern. But even more terrifying is now there is a rise in all cause mortality as well as vaccine induced types of cancers or what they call turbo cancers. And turbo cancers means these are cancers that arise very suddenly in the body and they could arise anywhere on the skin, in the lung, in the liver and the breast and they grow so fast that even the best types of oncological treatment is not successful. So they're super fast growing and can be very difficult to treat. But these are on the rise. So according to many oncologists and pathologists these cancer occurrences have been exponentially increasing over the last three years. But even before the pandemic there was an increase in many types of cancers, particularly like breast and colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, pancreas that's been dramatically increasing throughout the world. Unfortunately, many of these cancers are in people under the age of 50. Thus, it is no longer considered to be a disease of the elderly. But to understand why people under the age of 50 are being diagnosed with cancer scientists have conducted extensive analysis of available data including information on early life exposures. And of course, they found that such things as consuming processed food, alcohol, sugary drinks, obesity, lack of activity, which ends up a lot of times in type two diabetes. This can really add to a person's toxic terrain. And of course, cancer is a disease of the terrain.

[07:21] We might also add increasing environmental toxins in the air, the water, the food supply, and ionizing and nonionizing radiation as contributors as well. The more and more they turn on 5G, I really predict that the more we're going to see cancers, all kinds of cancers and different types of immunological diseases.

[07:43] Even more disturbing is that since 2020 the incidence of these cancers have really dramatically increased. In other words, since the beginning of COVID, and this is particularly in individuals who took the COVID experimental inoculation, commonly called a bioweapon by many.

[08:00] Dr. Ryan Cole, who is an Idaho pathologist, has been very vocal and tried to really alarm everyone about the aggressive cancers or these turbo cancers in both young and old. Of course, he was severely criticized for his work, but he's been a wonderful whistleblower, as well as many other whistleblowers. He had been venomously attacked by medical boards for sharing his observations. Now we have other oncologists are seeing dramatic rise and increase over the last two years.

[08:34] Another pathologist, Dr. Ute Krüger, the Swiss pathologist, describes in her findings on breast cancer and other cancers due to the gene based COVID-19 vaccines. She describes that cancer is affecting younger people and the largest increases from 30 to 50 year olds and that the tumor sizes are becoming larger. Historically, 3 cm tumors were commonly found at the time of cancer diagnosis. Now tumors they're finding to be 4 to 12 cm, which suggests they're growing at a much faster rate than normal. Multiple tumors in multiple organs are becoming more common and recurrence and metastasis are increasing. Krüger points out that many of the cancer patients she's been seeing have been in remission for years, only to suddenly be uncomfortably aware that they have a new cancer growth shortly after the COVID inoculation. So these turbo cancers, as Krüger calls them, cannot be explained by delayed cancer screenings due to lockdowns and other COVID-19 restrictions, as those days are long gone. Patients, despite having access to medical screening in years past, are showing up with grossly exacerbated tumor growth. And she believes that this is because the cancers are being turbocharged by the COVID-19 inoculations.

[10:03] Another oncologist, Dr. William Makis, he's also a cancer researcher and nuclear medicine radiologist has put forth the following hypotheses on how these inoculations could induce turbo cancers and result in recurrences of dormant cancers. And this is a little complicated, but I'm going to go ahead and jump into it here for you.

[10:21] The current COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain a pseudouridine modified mRNA which attenuates or alters the activity of key proteins in the innate immune system, impairing cancer surveillance. When activated, these proteins, called toll-like receptors, can prevent tumors from forming and growing. Thus, by dysregulating the toll-like receptors tumors can grow rapidly.

[10:51] A second plausible explanation is that the COVID-19 inoculation has been shown to alter T-cell signaling that produces profound impairment in type one interferon and cancer surveillance. T-cells, a type of white blood cell help the blood immune system prevent cancer. Studies show that receiving multiple shots increase the level of a particular antibody called IgG4 causing T-cell and interferon suppression leading to an inability to suppress cancer growth. Dr. Cole also explained this as well. So this shift to the antibody IgG4 caused by repeated mRNA inoculation could create a tolerance for spike protein and impair the production of antibodies such as IgG1 and IgG3 and cancer surveillance.

[11:59] Another plausible explanation is the spike protein may interfere with DNA repair mechanisms and the mRNA from the inoculation may be reverse transcribed and integrated into the human genome. This was denied at first by the CDC.You remember they said that it cannot affect our genetic material and then they said, well, now we know it's true.

[12:06] So Pfizer and Moderna vials were found to be contaminated also with a plasmid DNA containing SARS COVID-19 two spike protein that may integrate into the human genome. Another explanation is the presence of the Simian 40 virus. Now, if you remember historically this was found in certain polio vaccines. This was actually in the polio vaccine that I received as a child. And this may lead to cancers most notably non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and other types of lymphomas. Lastly, mRNA based inoculations may be triggering oncogenes which can enhance and inhibit cancer development and particularly in cancer biological processes such as proliferation, invasion, metastasis, angiogenesis, chemo resistance and immune escape. So Dr. Makis has further stated I believe there's an urgent need to determine the underlying mechanism of these turbo cancers because at this time oncologists have nothing to offer patients who have developed a turbo cancer. And conventional cancer treatments offer minimal to no benefits. So that's quite frightening.

[13:20] As terrifying as all this sounds there are supplements and different types of avenues that you can take to mitigate the detrimental effects of these COVID-19 inoculations as well as some of the environmental toxins that we're being exposed to on a daily basis from the air, the water, our food, just in everything. So what a lot of doctors are recommending now are things that in some way are antioxidants, such as Coenzyme Q-10, also vitamin C, as well as vitamin E. Now there's also the current information coming out about all the cardiovascular side effects that goes along with these inoculations particularly pericarditis and myocarditis and different types of blood clots. So many doctors are recommending to their patients different types of blood thinners. Now, non pharmaceutical blood thinners are such things as fish oil. Or if you're opposed to eating fish oil then you could always do algae oil. That's where the fish get it from. As well as turmeric. The spice, turmeric is a very good antiplatelet clotting spice. Now, other things that people do are certain types of proteoytic enzymes. These are enzymes that break down reactive proteins in the body. Of course, our body makes proteolytic enzymes like trypsin and chymatrypsin. But you could also take natokinase, natto, natto kinase and serrapeptase. These are very useful. Natokinase comes from natto. It's a fermentive type of substance, vegetable substance, as well as serapeptase comes from silkworms. And of course, silkworms have to secrete this enzyme in order to break out of their cocoon. There are numerous others that are being recommended, particularly bromalaine, which comes from pineapples. It's a wonderful proteolytic enzyme too, and it keeps the blood thin and helps always to reduce these reactive proteins like the spike protein. Now, beyond that, you might want to consider something immunological. Now, what I usually recommend and what many other doctors recommend are certain types of mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, like maitake, ganoderma, and there's also coriolis, which is turkey tail as well as cordyceps. Now, these can be taken in combination, they could be taken by themselves. They come in capsules, so you don't have to actually eat the mushroom, though they are very good culinary mushrooms as well. Of course, I must say that before anyone engages in any kind of supplemental regime, you must pass this by your healthcare provider and make sure that this is appropriate to you. Dosages always are individually tailored and that's because we're biochemically unique and what may be right for one person is not right for the next. So it needs to be guided by a knowledgeable health professional.

[16:32] In BRMI's website (, we have a lot of information on medicinal mushrooms and this can be accessed from the article page. So just go to the article page, find the tile that contains medicinal mushrooms, click on that and there's numerous, numerous articles and they all have been categorized according to the mushroom, the specific mushrooms benefits. So I suggest you go there as well as there's other articles on other things like proteolytic enzymes that you could read more about before you consider taking those as well. It's always good to be informed. So what I'm going to leave you with is some hope here that if you have been inoculated, no worries. Just be careful and try to take care of yourself. Make sure that your diet is healthy, that you're drinking plenty of pure water, and that you take certain supplements according to your health provider, that could enhance your immunity and thin your blood, as well as reduce some of the oxidative stress that may be happening because of the spike proteins. But I'm going to suggest that you do not get a further vaccine. So there's much that can be done for people who have been inoculated and there's other types of protocols that you might want to consider. So I'm going to leave you today and I hope that you be well. Please visit us in two weeks. Thank you.

[18:02] Thank you. For your time today. And remember that this podcast is made possible by the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute, also known as BRMI, a nonprofit, global, non political, non commercial institute to promote the science and art of bioregulatory medicine. We extend our gratitude to each and every one of you for listening today. And if you haven't already, make sure to visit us at BRMi online. A treasure trove of invaluable information awaits you there. Connect with us across various social media platforms as well. Come and become a member of our thriving tribe. If you've enjoyed today's episode, we invite you to show your support by rating us, leaving us a review, or sharing the podcast within your circle. Our podcast and mission flourish through sharing, and your participation means the world to us. Our organization is sustained by donations, each of which is tax deductible and fuels projects like this. Visit our website, to contribute or simply to explore the wealth of uncensored and impartial information we offer. No contribution is too small. In just two weeks, we'll be back delving into another captivating topic. Until then, we thank you once again for listening. May wellness and wisdom be your path. Be well.


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