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The Human Freedom Index: Our Silence Will Erode Our Freedom

James P.M. Odell, OMD, ND, L.Ac.

The month of July commemorates United States Independence, a day to praise our patriotic and revolutionary ancestors and thank our lucky stars for the freedoms we still share and cherish. Globally, everywhere we look there is concern about the growing level of censorship in government, the overreach of corporate politics, and the potential loss of economic freedom looming over us. The World Economic Forum is threatening to severely limit our economic freedom.

Economic freedom is the fundamental right of every human to control his or her own labor and property. In an economically free society, individuals are free to work, produce, consume, and invest in any way they please. In economically free societies, governments allow labor, capital, and goods to move freely and refrain from coercion or constraint of liberty beyond the extent necessary to protect and maintain liberty itself. Economic freedom significantly affects the health of the populous.

The Human Freedom Index (HFI) published by the Cato Institute is an annual report that evaluates the state of human freedom in 165 countries and territories around the world, representing 98.1 percent of the human population as of 2022. The HFI is a broadly comprehensive measure that encompasses both personal and economic freedom, then merges the two into a single value titled simply "human freedom." The countries with the highest Human Freedom Index scores are widely considered to be among the freest countries in the world. Human freedom is an inherently valuable social concept that recognizes the dignity of individuals. Human freedom enables and empowers people to do as they please, free from constraints or punishments, so long as it does not impinge upon the freedom of another. Human freedom plays a huge role in human progress as well as human health. The report finds a strong relationship between human freedom and democracy. In the last two years, the United States dropped nine points and now qualifies as only the 17th freest country among 162 nations ranked. The plunge from being in the top ten just the year before (at number eight), portends further bad news ahead. The loss of freedoms resulting from governments’ responses to the COVID “pandemic” has by any objective measure significantly eroded freedom in America, especially in terms of property, employment rights, and medical freedom.

Logic, reason, and critical thinking have always been our foundational building blocks. One of the most basic principles that was built into the moral fabric of the US was the maxim that although we disagreed, we protected and defended each other’s right to express differences of opinion. Where are the artists, playwrights, writers, and journalists who believe in and thrive on our “liberal” values of logic, reason and free speech, free expression, free press, and freedom from government censorship and repression? Where are the voices of our political leaders, especially our representatives in Congress, speaking out for our embattled law enforcement personnel and for preserving our constitutional rights and the American way of life, when it is being eroded little by little all around us? The worst crime that Americans can commit is to be silent because if we remain silent, evil will take over and we will lose our freedom and even our life. The oft-quoted Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Many of us feel we are awake in an asleep world. It is more important than ever to speak your truth. The world needs more people who help others think and become informed about world situations. Being awakened to hidden realities can cause a feeling of alienation from certain friends and family members. But remember to never stop shining your light as it may transform others’ existence out of their darkness. The awakening of one person starts a chain reaction that leads to awakening in others. Always speak your truth with compassion and sincerity.

Happy Independence Day!


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