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Weather Engineering

...and its Undesirable Side Effects on the Environment,

Natural Resources, Agriculture and Human Health

By Monir MM El Husseini - Professor of Environmental Protection,

Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt.

Department of Economic Entomology and Pesticides

DOI: 10.31080/ASAG.2019.03.0543

© All rights are reserved by Monir MM El Husseini

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In the last two decades, investigators and researchers around the globe have been hardly searching for solutions to decrease the “Global Warming Phenomenon” or “Greenhouse Warming”. International agreements have been signed to reach this goal among a decade or more, e.g., the “Kyoto Protocol” signed in 1997 in Japan by nearly all countries except 5 ones including the USA and Russia due to high costs for decreasing emission of CO2 (carbon cutback) resulting mostly from burning energy material, i.e., fossil fuel and charcoal. In 1991, the climatologists working in the Hughes Aircraft Line Company (now Hughes Aerospace Company) in the USA patented a chemical solution for decreasing global warming depending on the aluminum oxide formed in nanoparticles (Welsbach particles) that can reflect about 2% of the sun heat back in the space when seeded by jets in the stratosphere (patent USA # 5003186, 1991). In a special international meeting under the umbrella of the United Nations in 2000, the USA presented the positive results recorded after the application of this geoengineering technique over the entire continent during the period from 1991 to 2000 that decreased the warming by 70-80% [1].

Then, the USA offered the international community a global project “The Shield Project” that priced the aerial spray program at US 1 billion dollars a year for 50 years (2000-2050) without financial sharing of any country. The project was approved by the UN gathering after involving the WHO as many environmentalists were concerned with the side effects of such chemicals and other material of the sprayed aerosol on humans when settled from the stratosphere to the troposphere on earth. Different undesired climatic changes were recorded and explained as side effects for the global application of chemtrails at many parts of the world [1], e.g., creation of low-pressure zones (depressions) in the atmosphere followed by new wind directions, strong hurricanes, heavy hail, rains and floods, heavy snowfalls, avalanches, more lighting, ecosystem dehydration associated with wildfires, and decreased air visibility [2-4]. Moreover, in 2003, air samples collected by NASA from the stratosphere for different analyses [1], showed the presence of Nanobacteria; the causative agent of calcification diseases [5] that can attach to the sprayed aluminum oxide fine particles (Chemtrails) and settled with down to earth by gravity or rains. Thus, the risk of calcification diseases caused by these pathogenic bacteria, e.g., gallbladder and kidney stones, arteriosclerosis, calcification of heart valves, and tooth plaque will be increased in humans as well as in animals.

Importance of Geoengineering

It is obvious that the regulations, environmental laws, and other stumbling blocks limit our ability to directly address the direct and immediate dangers that threaten the life of mankind on the planet. Also, the insufficiency of Kyoto’s emission reduction regime, the problems of absence, cost, and incentives, all cry out for an alternative to the present state of climate change policy. The science of geoengineering founded by Nikola Tesla one century ago for manipulation and control of earth climatic factors, e.g., rains, winds, thunder and lightning, creation of low and high air pressure zones., et al. has moved from the pages of science fiction to respectable scientific journals (e.g., The International Journal of Geoengineering). The different technological methods of geoengineering depend mostly on the application of certain chemical particles by planes or jets in the troposphere or stratosphere according to the desired targeted change in weather. The most common application of geoengineering is the artificial precipitation (rains) [6] either with warm or cold technology by spraying silver iodide and potassium perchlorate or spraying liquid nitrogen in the troposphere directly over the clouds using small airplanes mostly of the model King Air 200.

King Air 200 airplanes with chemtrail sprayers (liquid nitrogen) fixed underwing commonly used for inducing artificial rains (cold precipitation).

The sprayed chemical fine particles substitute the natural fine dust in the troposphere; where each particle acts as a precipitation nucleus on which the water vapor in the clouds condenses and proceeds quickly until drops of water/ or ice particles are formed and that cannot be suspended in the air; thus, they fall to earth by gravity in form of rains [7]. The just sprayed chemicals appear as a continuous in a hundred-kilometer white long trail or line behind the airplane and is called “Chemtrail” to differentiate it from the very short white line “Contrail” commonly seen like attached behind the jets flying in the stratosphere (at -80Cº); where it consists of fine water particles resulted from burning the fuel and turned into fine ice particles seen white in color by the reflected sun light and could be seen for about 15 to 30 seconds before disappearing.

David Shang and I-Fu Shih received the approval for the patent USA # 5003186 entitled “Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of the Global Warming”. It depends on dispensing microscopic particles of aluminum oxide as reflective material (Welsbach particles) mixed with barium salts (monoxide) into the upper atmosphere (the stratosphere). Aluminum oxide reflects one or two percent of incoming solar heat and light back into space, while barium monoxide reacts chemically with CO2 in the troposphere turning into barium carbonate and bicarbonate, thus minimizing its content in the atmosphere. Continuous application of this technology over several decades will lead to a significant decrease in global warming.

Note: (Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming- A method is described for reducing atmospheric or global warming resulting from the presence of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, i.e., from the greenhouse effect. Such gases are relatively transparent to sunshine but absorb strongly the long-wavelength infrared radiation released by the earth. The method includes the step of seeding the layer of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere with particles of materials characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity. Such materials include Welsbach materials and the oxides of metals which have high emissivity, and thus low reflectivity in the visible and 8–12-micron infrared wavelength regions.)

Computer simulations designed by Ken Caldeira at the military Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories founded by Edward Teller (father of the atom- and H-bomb of the Manhattan’s Project) calculated that application of Shang and Shih’s patent would be enough to stop warming over 85% of the planet. Lawrence Livermore priced the aerial spray around the globe at US 1 billion dollars/year, which is a cheap fix to maintain currently massive petroleum profits in the face of Kyoto’s internationally agreed carbon cutbacks till reaching new alternative energy source(s). Livermore’s founder, Dr. Edward Teller, lobbied hard for the “Shield Project”. At the 1998 International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies; he presented his idea for reflective chemicals (Welsbach sizes) to be spread like mirror-shades over the earth into the stratosphere using jets. The chemicals, polymers and other components mixed in oil will be released from large nozzles just behind the jet engines where the powerful exhaust blows it in hundred- or thousand-kilometer-long trails as seen below.

In 2000, The USA called for an international gathering for climatologists under the umbrella of the UN-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to present the positive results gained from 1991-2000 in decreasing the air temperature over the entire USA by geoengineering through seeding the stratosphere by Welsbach chemical particles (aluminum oxide and barium salts) according to the patent of Shang and Shih [8]. The “50-years Shield Project” of Edward Teller was presented and proposed as an effective global solution for the global warming phenomenon; and that the US 50 billion dollars cost of the project is totally sponsored by the USA. The project included the international flight companies through contracts to provide the jets with the tanks and spraying system of the chemtrails. The satellite images will help the Project Control Center (PCC) located in the USA Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) to give orders to the involved jets to release the chemtrails on their defined normal flight directions to cover the planet with this chemical shield to decrease the global warming.

As many of the participated environmentalists expressed their worries and concern about the possible side effects of such global chemical application in the atmosphere on human health, the World Health Organization (WHO) was engaged in the project to watch this aspect. And thus, the project was internationally approved and started the global application beginning over the Antarctic in 2000 to cool the air and to slower melting of the Ice Mountains.

In 2004, El-Husseini recorded the application of chemtrails reached the Mediterranean region and North Africa. The jets were seen leaving their white chemical trails extending from one side of the horizon to the other as watched over Egypt.

Chemtrail Examples

After a few hours, the sprayed chemtrails begin to disperse to both sides along the lines to form thin dust long clouds that fuse gradually together (Figure 5), and later on build one giant cloud (Figure 6.) over the whole region extending over many countries reflecting the sun heat and light back into space resulting a significant rapid decrease in the air temperature, e.g. in Egypt, the temperature decreased from 34 to 14Cº at the 1st day 8 hours post-application of chemtrails [9].

The existence and exercise of chemtrail spraying in the USA and the whole world have become well known in the last 10 years. It is kind of hard to miss [10]. The vast expense of the project indicates that there are many different aspects to it, as well as a total disregard for human health. Environmentalists and physicians identified and recorded 9 risks on existing resources of our planet and human health as potential unintended consequences or side effects for this first geoengineering global project in the history of mankind.

Potential Consequences of Applied Chemtrail Technology on Weather,

Natural Resources, and Human Health.

Creation of New Wind Directions

The sudden cooling of air leading to shrinkage of giant large air volumes over millions of km2 creates a new low-pressure zone [11]. This depression zone induces a new wind direction which is completely new in the history of the area. Such new wind directions created over the Mediterranean and North Africa carried swarms of the autumn generation of desert locust from West Africa to all eastern countries, e.g., to Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and even to southern islands of Italy and Greece in autumn 2004 [9].

More Lighting

Large electric fields are formed in the stratosphere by the friction of the chemical particles when blazed by the strong exhaust of the jet engines. Settling down in the troposphere touching the ground surface, they mark the ends of such electric fields. They could be discharged either naturally or by Radio Ultra Low Frequencies (RULF) or Radio Extreme Low Frequency (RELF), and the resulted lighting guided to the end of the electric field at earth may cause more destruction in forests by fire [1,9], or killing people present in open fields as happened in Egypt in the last years [12].

Dehydration of the Ecosystem

The sprayed aluminum oxide absorbs the air humidity in a chemical reaction turning into aluminum hydroxide. After few months of continuous application, the relative humidity (R.H.%) in the ecosystem decreased significantly [1]. On some days of summer in Egypt, it decreased to only 8-12% [9]. Dehydration and lighting resulted from chemtrails induce wildfires destroying forests, forages, and field crops as happened in Australia in 2008 [13]. In the USA, Rosenzweig., et al. [14] reported losses in agriculture due to the 2008 summer drought and wildfires by $ 56 billion. Herndon [15] described and discussed the adverse consequences of chemtrails on agriculture.

Empowering Natural Disasters

Hurricanes (tropical storms/cyclones), tornados, and flooding will be more frequent and stronger (e.g., hurricanes Katrina 2005 and Sandy 2012 in USA). The presence of the chemtrail fine chemical particles in the air will act as nuclei for precipitation; when the natural clouds reach them, the process starts at once. The recent floods in the UK, European countries, USA, Asia, the Caribbean region, Africa, and Australia are evident for such consequence [1,12,13]. The 1993 Mississippi River Valley floods caused losses that exceeded $ 23 billion [14]. Moreover, wildfires and floods cause losses in the natural resources of flora and fauna by decreasing the natural biodiversity [13].

Decreasing Air Visibility

When chemtrails reach the troposphere, the suspended chemical particles in the air decreased both horizontal and vertical visibility causing problems to the ground as well as to flight and marine traffic [2-4,12,13].

Creation of Extreme Heatwaves

Reaching the troposphere, the Welsbach aluminum oxide particles become like a double-sided mirror reflecting the heat coming down from the sun back into outer space; meanwhile, it reflects the heat coming up from the earth by human activities (cars, airplanes, traffic, industry, petroleum power stations, air condition equipment, etc.) back again to the earth causing unusual extreme heat waves killing thousands of humans as happened in 2003 in France and 2008 in Greece [9,12]. Not only is this a direct visible impact on humans, but it has also a devastating effect on most plants and animal species especially those inhabiting the tropics which are adapted to a nearly stable temperature around the year [13,14].

Health Problems

Due to inhalation of the aluminum oxide that turned into hydroxide on the humid binding tissues in the eyes, nose, throat, and chest, irritation takes place in form of allergic reactions to large numbers of people especially to infants and aged persons. Other diseases are reported concerning these chemicals of the sprayed chemtrails [1] such as:

• Pneumonia-like respiratory symptoms

• Frequent headaches

• Sinus congestion

• Asthma Health problems

• Various allergic reactions

• Inflammation of binding tissues

• Mental confusion

• Depression

• Ear infections

• Stomachaches

• Temporary loss of memory

• Different Alzheimer syndromes

All symptoms were found associated with high levels of aluminum and barium in the bodies of the patients. A relationship was found by American scientists between air visibility and human mortality rates that were published by the American Heart Association (AHA) in 2004 [16,17]. Mortality increased mostly among aged persons and infants by 25% when the horizontal air visibility decreased to 2.8 miles.

Guiding the Nanobacteria from the Stratosphere to Earth

The stratospheric Nanobacteria are now proved to be a pathogenic living form or a species (N. sanguineum), causing different calcification diseases, e.g., gallbladder and kidney stones, arteriosclerosis, calcification of heart valves, and tooth plague as discovered by Kajander and Çiftçioglu [5], who were nominated to the Nobel Prize in 1998 for this discovery. In 2003, NASA collected air samples from the chemtrails sprayed in the stratosphere for analysis and found the Nanobacteria on the chemical particles. Thus, the Nanobacteria are carried to earth on the aluminum and barium oxides particles of chemtrails [19] which settle down either by gravity or by rains increasing the risk of infection with calcification diseases to humans and animals [20]. From the time the chemtrail technology is globally in application, it created severe altering in the weather all over the planet causing an increase in the frequency, duration, and intensity of extreme weather events such as droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heavy snowfalls, lighting, forest wildfires, and extreme heatwaves. Such weather altering will definitely pose impacts on the different ecosystems at the global level leading to losses in biodiversity and other natural resources, e.g., forests and water, and consequently on food production as well as on human health.


The global project applying chemtrails as a solution to decrease global warming (from 2000 to 2050) launched great hazards to the environment, agriculture, animal, and human health. This chemtrail technology is in fact an aerosolized pollutant to the entire planet “mother earth” with great hazards, e.g., interference with clouds forming raindrop nucleation leading to more rains and extreme flash floods. It also warms the atmosphere and limits loss of heat from the Earth leading to extreme heat waves (killer heat waves). Accordingly, it creates an artificial increase or decrease in air pressure leading to the creation of new wind directions, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heavy snowfalls, lighting, and forest wildfires. Furthermore, its component the aluminum oxide has adverse consequences causing drought with devastating effects on agriculture and, of course, on most living organisms. The hazard to humans, flora, and fauna comes not only from deliberately decreased rainfall or drought but from the extremely toxic components of the chemtrails widely sprayed in the global atmosphere.


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