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Podcast # 21 - Colortpuncture& The Esogetic System | Rosemary Bourne

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Rosemary Bourne

About Rosemary Bourne

Rosemary Bourne has trained personally with Peter Mandel in methods of Esogetic Colorpuncture since 1989. As Director of Esogetics USA she continues to study with Mandel to update herself on the latest developments of his work.

She obtained a Diploma of Acupuncture from Sydney Australia in 1984 and became Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the Zheijiang Medical Research Institute in Huang Zhou China in1985.

She has over 35 years experience in the field of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, shiatsu and tuina. She maintains a private practice in San Rafael CA.

In addition to her training in Eastern Medicine techniques Rosemary has a Certificate in Somatic Trauma Therapies from the Peter Levine Institute which she completed in 2007. She brings this understanding to her trainings to create safe learning environments where students can not only learn the critical skills they need, but also personally experience the healing power of Esogetic Colorpuncture.


Esogetic Colorpuncture USA
Rosemary Bourne, MA, Dipl Acu.

PO Box 853, San Anselmo CA 94979


“ All that is consists of vibrational patterns or fields which give rise to a harmonious vibrational union. We as humans are particularly influenced by these vibrations and wave-forms of the “hyperspace” or the “zero point field”.

There is a mirroring of the hologram from this “creator field” within the human being and a rhythmic information-energy structure develops from it.

My view is that all points and zones on the surface of the body and the skin are holograms which contain this higher information and are able to mirror this information to the consciousness.

What we find and what we can imagine is a hologram that contains all information and is spread across the entire surface of the body. This allows ever new vibrational patterns to emerge.”

Peter Mandel

Episode Highlights with Rosemary Bourne


  • Originated in Germany

  • Does not simply treat symptoms, but looks at the overall life of the patient as well

  • “Everything develops, nothing just occurs.” -Peter Mandel

  • We develop into a disease, and develop out of a disease

  • Uses acupuncture points, and sometimes holographic points to target for color therapy.

  • Qi may be biophotons in a “different language”

  • Administering light to the acupuncture meridians is a “direct application” on the deepest level

  • Lymphatic system is also a magnificent portal to the mind/body aspect

  • Wonderful therapy for children!  The therapy is not intimidating, and feels very safe.  Plus, it’s colorful!  Kids tend to love color therapy.

  • Color therapy for animals is also in the process of being developed.

The Colors

  • Red/Green Contrasting Pair

    • Red – the color of joy, passion, love, and also anger, rage – an intense color which communicates the spectrum of emotion.  Red is also the most penetrating color.  Powerful enough to reach the cellular nucleus.  Great for circulation improvement, is a warming color, good for cold-related illness.

    • Green – anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, calming.  Can be used to counteract growths, cysts, some kinds of cancer.  Emotions: neutralizing and calming.  

  • Blue/Orange Contrasting Pair

    • This Pair is good to bring balance with hormones and emotions

    • Blue is calming, good for excessive hormonal expression, also insomnia

    • Orange is stimulating, but less strong than red.  Orange is harmonizing in emotional effect.  

  • Yellow/Violet Contrasting Pair

    • Powerful effect on Limbic system within the brain

    • Yellow affects learning, social engagement, and affects the lymphatic and digestive systems.  Yellow harmonizes somatic manifestations of emotions such as fear or anxiety.

    • Violet is associated with spiritual strength



  • Uses a variety of devices, as well as quartz crystals, brainwave devices as well as sound therapies.

  • Illness and pain are signs of deeper disharmonies of the system.  At times, trauma is the root of a chronic, persistent pain.

  • The 6 Circles, aka The Esogetic Model – the center of the circle is the Zero-Point Field

  • If a patient presents with several complex symptoms, it can be better to treat the brain

  • Transmitter Relays – this system understands who you are, and who you are here to be. Certain inhibiting forces can get “in the way” of their instinctual awareness, and where they are in the world.  This system is wanting to open up a “flow” of information associated with what you deeply desire to do/be via your purpose and passion in life.

  • Information, Energy, Matter – Esogetics seeks to positively influence the dynamic between these three categories within a person

  • The Zero-Point Field is a coherent biophoton field which permeates the solid body.  It is the non-visible substratum of our experience, and is a unified field.


Case Study

  • Patient had uterine, breast, and liver cancer.  Was not in well enough to receive some wholistic treatments.  Liver was so enlarged patient had difficulty breathing.

  • Krylian photography was used to get idea of energetic patterns and restrictions.

  • Patient was Jewish, and had ancestors who were survivors of Holocaust.  

  • Color therapy and esogetics were used to treat the symptoms to get patient to a stable place to receive work on the deeper aspects of the energetic patterns.

  • She was eventually able to see, and recognize why she had pushed everyone away from her in life, and was able to release and resolve the core-conflict in her life.  She received her loving ex-husband back into her life, and received love.  She stated she was ready to die, and was able to pass in peace.  She lived much longer than expected, using the color and esogetic therapies.


Prenatal Therapy

  • The self begins prenatally – circumstances surrounding conception, pregnancy, and birth are powerful energetic imprints onto the soul, and therefore the body

  • The somatic brain begins to experience at six weeks in utero

  • Conception, development, and birth are considered the “first hologram” 

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