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Spencer Feldman

Viral shedding, Coercion, and Toxins, Oh My! What to do if You or Someone you Love has Gotten the Va))ine | Spencer Feldman

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Spencer Feldman

About Spencer Feldman

Multiple patent holding inventor and formulator Spencer Feldman has been designing and manufacturing detoxification products for over 20 years.  His groundbreaking work creating detox suppositories spawned an entire industry in the alternative health world.  Living off grid in Oregon, he spends his time reading scientific journals, looking for the next clue on how to help improve people’s health.

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My Message
“The powers that be are being forced to act in more and more tyrannical ways… but it’s also causing more people to wake up… we are going through a renaissance. When we are through this and are able to recognize a psychopath who has made it into leadership, and are able to remove them, think what an amazing place this will be.”
-Spencer Feldman

Episode Highlights with Spencer Feldman


  • After being vaccine-injured and falling through the cracks of the medical establishment, Spencer Feldman discovered the power of detoxifying the body

  • Classifying toxins is helpful for treatments.

  • Types of toxins include water-soluble, fat-soluble, metallic

  • Water soluble toxins do damage the body, but they get flushed out through the kidneys and urine, therefore do not need to be actively detoxed

  • Fat-soluble toxins do need to be detoxed, because they lodge in the tissues and organs.

  • Metallic toxins look like nutrient molecules, and get pulled deeper into the body

  • Just as we use soap to change grease into a water-soluble compound in order to wash it down the drain, we need a “soap” to use for our detoxing purposes.  The most effective product for this is the coffee enema.

  • Coffee enema simulates Phase 1 detox, then hands it over to Phase 2 to be able to be eliminated by the body.

  • Some people do not react to coffee enemas as well, because they do not have all the necessary “ingredients” for Phase 2 detoxification. 

  • Sometimes poor reactions to detoxing is not as simple as a “herxheimer” reaction.  It could be a re-toxing occurring from not having enough resources to complete Phase 2.

  • The suppositories that Spencer Feldman created include not only organic coffee, but the Phase 2 conjugates that are necessary to prevent the unpleasant symptoms that can accompany many coffee enema detoxes.

  • There is a “phase 3” as well – how the toxins get eliminated, whether via the kidneys or the bile and intestines.  If either of these pathways are blocked, the patient would still feel unwell during a detox because the toxins, although ready to be eliminated, could not.  Historically, this would be remedied with a liver/gallbladder flush using an olive oil drink and protocol.  However, this approach risks drying out the gallbladder.

  • To solve this problem, the product Glytamins was created.

  • Biofilms are epidemic, and very difficult to eradicate. We look to plants to instruct us, as they have developed self-protective mechanisms.  Fresh, organically and locally grown produce will contain essential oils, which disappear within hours of harvesting.

  • Bitters are how plants defend against biofilms.  Zoiben is the product developed to eradicate biofilms – it works by telling the biofilm that it is too overpopulated, and needs to stop growing, and by confusing the communications system of the biofilm.

  • How would you know if you had biofilms? If you have a chronic condition or disease, and/or if you do not do a regular annual water-fast, chances are that you have biofilms.

  • Follow your intuition – pay attention to how your feel after taking a natural supplement or tea.  Did it help?  Did you feel poorly after?  Trust your body.

  • To help counter the harmful effects of the “jab” – wrap the injection site with an ace bandage to apply moderately slight pressure.  The components are in the lymph immediately, rather than the bloodstream.

  • Use the Graphene/SPION trap magnetic product from RemedyLink – wrap it around the ace wrap and overwrap with more ace.  Then, immobilize the arm with a sling.

  • Graphene oxide is paramagnetic compound, meaning that it is not magnetic by itself, but can become magnetic in the presence of other compounds.  There is a strong magnetic field in the pineal gland, which is also the seat of spirituality according to ancient wisdom. 

  • Reports of those who have taken the vaccine include those who say they felt disconnected from God for weeks afterward.

  • Graphene oxide has been shown to cause blood clots, cross the blood-brain barrier, and more.  Unfortunately, many alternative health sites and media sites are advising people to take NAC, glutathione and vitamin C to reduce graphene oxide.  “Reduced” graphene oxide refers to graphene oxide which has been chemically reduced by adding an electron. The amount of graphene oxide in the body is the same as before, but now has been chemically reduced.

  • The problem with reduced graphene oxide is that it could go to the hypothalamus and hippocampus in the brain, as shown in previous animal studies.

  • There is a study that supports that graphene oxide can be broken down by oxidizing it.

  • There are two enzymes found within white blood cells that can break down graphene oxide.  You can produce these enzymes internally.

  • MMS2 – used for water purification.  This is being demonized by mainstream medical and media systems, but has the ability to break down graphene oxide.

  • Spencer Feldman recommends taking this every 1-2 hours for a few days or until you begin feeling a bit sick from the detoxing.

  • Suspects that hypocholoris acid can also break down the hydrogel that is within the vaccine.

  • “Shedding” – when someone has become vaccinated, and “sheds” the compounds onto others who may not be vaccinated. 

  • In order to protect against shedding, you need to protect against rogue-RNA. The first line of defense is to go after the virus before it gets into the DNA. Next line of defense is to cut it out of the DNA.  If you cannot cut it out of the DNA, you silence it.  If you cannot silence it, you blow up the affected cell (apoptosis). 

  • For those who have been vaccinated months ago, and starting to experience the autoimmune or other concerning after-effects – there are homeopathic remedies for both graphene oxide and glycoprotein.

  • It is necessary to clear out the “bad” programming within the cells, and this is done via fasting. 

  • Regenemin – product created for those who are unvaccinated and wish to remain so, but who will be in contact with the vaccinated who will be shedding.

  • Although it is a challenging time to be a human right now, always remember that there are a lot of “white hats” behind the scenes who are working very hard to undo the damage, and help those in need.  And while the destruction of systems is difficult to watch, we are undergoing a global renaissance where humanity will be able to recognize psychopaths in power.  With that knowledge, we will steer a much brighter path for our future.

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Click here for RemedyLink products mentioned in the podcast!
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