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Theadora Scarato

Podcast # 31 - 5g - The Invisible Enemy | Theodora Scarato

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Theodora Scarato

About Dr. Theodora Scarato


Theodora Scarato MSW is Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a scientific think tank that publishes research and educates policymakers on environmental health issues. EHT scientists are among the leading independent voices calling to halt 5G. 

Scarato has published research on EMF policy and maintains EHT’s renowned EMF policy database. She co-authored “Building science and radiofrequency radiation: What makes smart and healthy buildings” which scientifically documents how government limits for wireless are non protective and lists best practices for reducing wireless in buildings. As a petitioner in the historic lawsuit EHT et al., v the FCC, she has worked nationally spearheading efforts to strengthen US wireless radiation limits. 


Scarato coordinates scientific programs and develops awareness raising educational resources. She has lectured at the National Institutes of Health, the New Hampshire State 5G Commission, the University of California San Francisco, and several international conferences. Learn about EHT at 

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Many hands make light work...
Theodora Scarato

Episode Highlights with Theodora Scarato

  • Theodora Scarato is the Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust. (See below)

  • She has studied extensively the effects of 5G

  • Government limits may not protect us.

    • US has allowed higher limits than other countries.

  • 5G​

    • Creates the infrastructure for the "internet of things"​

    • Small cell towers - increased the density of radiation

    • Half of the states have laws that streamline the process of putting up small cell towers and not notifying people

    • 5G is many frequencies: high, medium, and low. 

      • The difference is in the density of these frequencies​

    • Go to local town offices to find out if there is an ordinance for small cell towers. ​

      • Discuss with officials​

      • In Italy they have petitions to halt 5G

      • We DONT need 5G (there is safe technology)

  • Health and 5G - published, peer reviewed, multi systems​

    • Brain damage - teenagers with 1yr. of phone near head showed damage to the brain

    • Babies - showed behavior problems in moms who were exposed while in utero

  • Do we need all the products they are selling us? NO​

    • Alexa​

    • Wireless breast pumps

    • Wireless diapers

    • Wireless translation of baby's cry message

  • Use the Ethernet to connect to devices​

  • Surveillance - it is all around us

  • Radiation

    • Low bars can give us up to 10x the amount of radiation as it tries to connect

    • Use corded phone or VOIP (voice over internet protocol)

    • Run off the modem a landline phone

      • Forward cell to landline 

    • Airplane Mode​

      • Turn off location​

      • Turn off Bluetooth

  • We can change our relationship to our dependency​

    • Top tip​

      • Have time that you are free of wifi​

      • If it is wireless, it emits radiation

  • EMF Protection​

    • Eliminate the sources​

    • Proper science studies have not been conducted

    • Trees: Side facing antennae will die back

    • Plants show biochemical changes near EMF sources

  • Notification​

    • In many places, if less than 30 feet no notification is required​

    • EMF radiation is documented as a pollutant

    • These companies warn stakeholders, yet not those who are affected by this

  • Children are more vulnerable​

    • Thinner skulls = deeper penetration​

    • Eyes = less protected

  • What can we do?​

    • Get a non radiating cell phone for children to hold​

    • Turn phones off

    • make a lifestyle shift (adults to set the example)

  • Symptoms

    • Some people are more sensitive ​than others and will exhibit symptoms

    • Limits are geared for products

  • FCC lawsuit FOIA requests show prior knowledge

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  • Messsage

    • Many hands make light work. Get involved!​


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