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Ty Bollinger

Ty Bollinger - The Truth About

Medical Tyranny

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Ty Bollinger

About Ty Bollinger


After losing seven family members to cancer in the span of seven years, Ty and Charlene Bollinger began extensive research into cancer treatments, searching for the truth.  What they found was shocking to them. 


This new information led Ty & Charlene to write their first book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box in 2006.  Ty also wrote the book Monumental Myths, exposing 33 of the lies the public has been told by mainstream medicine and media, after discovering that there were effective cancer treatments which were being actively surpressed from public knowledge.  From there, the Bollingers began producing the renowned docuseries The Truth About Cancer in 2014, and The Truth About Vaccines in 2017.


The Bollingers have since been listed on the “Disinformation Dozen” list, and have received numerous threats and personal losses due to their life’s work.

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October 22-24 2021, Nashville, TN

My Message
“If we don’t stand up now for the truth, we may not have another chance to stand up.”
-Ty Bollinger

Episode Highlights with Ty Bollinger


  • The pharmaceutical industry has vested interest in pushing treatments such as chemotherapy and vaccines, while research exists supporting natural and effective alternative treatments.

  • The pharmaceutical companies bear no liability when the treatments they recommend harm or kill individuals, yet the public is expected to believe an entity which profits off those very treatments.

  • Cognitive dissonance is not a catch phrase – it is a very real phenomenon influencing the greater public.

  • The Bollingers have received multiple threats over the years for sharing their findings.  These threats have intensified over recent months.

  • Anecdotal reports of vaccine injury from the COVID19 vaccine are staggering across the country.

  • The term “vaccine” is less accurate for the COVID19 shot than “gene therapy.”

  • Studies from Israel, Singapore, and even the CDC show that most of the current outbreaks are the result of virus shedding from the vaccinated population after they have received their shot.

  • Stories of women bleeding post-menopause after spending time with vaccinated people are spreading across the country.

  • The false left/right paradigm in our country divides and distracts us from the more important issues that transcend political ideologies.

  • The Bollingers published the truth about why Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were demonized and suppressed as effective treatments.  The reason being, the FDA could not authorize vaccines under emergency use if an alternative treatment existed.

  • The CDC does hold patents on vaccines, which results in royalties whenever those particular vaccines are sold, and yet they do not disclose their conflicts of interest.




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