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Laser Light: An Effective At-Home Treatment for COVID! | Dr. Weber & Robert Weber

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guests  Dr. Weber & Robert Weber

About Dr. Weber 

Dr. Weber is a medical practitioner for more than 20 years in Germany and leader of three medical centers for general and internal medicine, pain and acupuncture, and cancer treatment. President of the International Society for Medical Laser applications and editor in chief of the International Journal for Medical Laser applications he is also certified bio-chemist and medical doctor, working in research with many national and international institutions and universities. 

He is also Co-editor of the German Journal ―Pain and Acupuncture and on the editorial board of Medical Acupuncture, the official journal of the American Association for Medical Acupuncture (AAMA). He is the organizer of annual international conferences about laser medicine at the University of Göttingen in Germany. He is also a developer of the patented Weber needle medical laser devices for treatment of pain and cancer which were financially supported by the German government and the European Union.

Dr. Sharon Stills interviews both Dr. Weber and his son Robert Weber about their innovative photodynamic light therapy and its groundbreaking implications for self-healing around the globe.

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Episode Highlights with Dr. & Robert Weber


  • Dr. Weber uses light-sensitive substances such as chlorophyll, which will bind to cancer cells.  When the light-sensitive substance is stimulated with the right kind of laser, it will energy will be absorbed, and will release oxygen radicals which kills cancer cells.

  • High success rates with treating cancer this way.

  • Microbial diseases and viral diseases are also treated successfully this way.

  • When vitamin B2 is stimulated with the right frequency/wavelength of light, then it produces oxygen radicals, which kills the virus.

  • This kind of treatment is highly effective for COVID-19, especially within the first 5 days of infection.  This is a simple treatment that is able to be performed at home, without going to the hospital.

  • To date, we have no effective mainstream treatments for viruses, not even the common flu, let alone SARS-CoV-2, which is another reason this combination therapy of riboflavin and light therapy is so attractive.

  • There have been zero side effects observed in the 140 patients monitored with this treatment.  Furthermore, an 80-90% success rate was observed, including patients who were very ill.

  • Light therapy is also used to treat post-COVID syndrome – using the laser watch along with riboflavin will clean the blood and internal milleau of remnants of the virus.

  • Red wavelength laser activates white blood cells and immune function.

  • Green light laser improves oxygen supply.

  • Blue light activates riboflavin.

  • Yellow light stimulates vitamin D, serotonin, and reduces inflammation.

  • Dr. Weber recommends taking riboflavin tablets at breakfast, waiting one hour, doing a nasal/oral spray, and within 20 minutes, doing the laser watch for 30 minutes.  Do this one time per day for 5 days for viral treatments.

  • Small children and babies are able to do this treatment safely as well.

  • Robert Weber and his partner studied the effect of the riboflavin/light therapy on malaria patients.  Out of 100 patients, 100% of the patients recovered fully within one week.

  • The laser helmet was created for patients to use at home.  Infrared transcranial therapy has been well-researched and supported, especially for conditions such as Parkinson’s, dementia, TBI, and other neurological illnesses.

  • Veterans coming back from Afghanistan suffering from PTSD and TBI have reported amazing results. 

  • The helmet is also effective for preventive purposes.  Using riboflavin is not necessary while using the helmet.

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