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Podcast # 4 - Fasting and Detox for Optimal Health | Dr. Daniel Pompa

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Daniel Pompa

About Dr. Daniel Pompa

Dr. Daniel Pompa is a respected researcher, author, podcast host, and teacher. He specializes in root cause, inflammation-driven disease, the therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet, fasting, ancestral-based health approaches, cellular healing, and detoxification. 

Dr. Pompa speaks about removing the cause of toxicity and inflammation, going upstream, and following a multi-therapeutic approach to health and healing.

Dr. Pompa is a walking testimony of the body’s amazing aptitude for healing itself. Following the debilitating effects of a three-year battle against chronic fatigue syndrome, his deteriorating health manifested in anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, panic attacks, nervousness, auditory and chemical sensitivities, mood swings, irritability, irrational anger, severe gastrointestinal disturbances, blisters, dizziness, unusual sounds and ringing in his ears, and twitching facial muscles. Death seemed a better alternative, but God had other plans. The doctor’s illness and his eventual command over it led him to a deeper faith in God and made him a better husband, a better father, and a better doctor. Truly, God does “work all things for good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). In the doctor’s own words: “Just like the clients God sends me, I know what it’s like to suffer.”

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Message from Dr. Pompa

"Our mission and our vision is enacted as we renew minds FROM the traditional medical model of physicians treating symptoms with drugs and surgery to a natural approach to health which focuses on integrative health, and the treatment and prevention of underlying causes."

Dr. Daniel Pompa, researcher, author, teacher, podcast host

Episode Highlights with Dr. Daniel Pompa

  • 1999 - Began to have declining health symptoms: fatigue, digestive isuues, anxiety, insomnia, headaches. Identifyied the problem was upstream caused by mercury toxicity

    • Different mercury tests will indicate where the mercury is stored

    • Identified that this started when he had two mercury fillings removed

    • Started a journey to detoxify his cells and his brain. It is crucial to detoxify at a cellular level

  • Autophagy and fasting

    • Fasting allows the body to heal by harnessing the innate intelligence of destroying old cells and regenerating new cells (auto-self / phagy-eating)

    • Ketones heal, cells become more hormone sensitive, the energy saved by eating is diverted to repair. 

    • The oldest form of healing  

  • The 5 day fast is helpful to: 

    • Get fat adapted first by dropping carbs below 50 grams a day prior to allow the body to start and utilize fats first

    • Book outlines intermittent fasting. (see show notes)

    • When we force the body to go for periods of food without eating we convert from sugar burning to fat burning.

    • 5 days keto, 1 day - 1 meal, 1 day feast

    • 4 days keto, 2 days - 1 meal, 1 day feast

    • 3 days keto, 2 days fasting, 2 days feasting

    • The feast reminds the body that it is not starving

    • Mitochondrial fitness improves through proper fasting, can work up to become metabolically flexible

  • The difference between a wet fast and a dry fast.

    • This works to put the cells into autopphagy quicker

    • *Always check with your doctor first!

  • Why fasting works:

    • Hormones work better when they are faced with stress and adaptation and creates up-regulation
      Example: exercise, cold, fasting)

    • Lepton tells the body to stop eating and helps burn fat

    • We have been fasting generationally and this is the first time in history we haven't

    • We are genetically programmed to fast

    • Unique time in civilization that we always have food at all times
      Fasting helps program genes for longevity and optimize our microbiome

  • What is allowed on feast days? 

    • The healthier the better! Good carbohydrates!

  • How can you tell if fasting will benefit you?

    • Fasting is the best way to check your metabolic health.

    • Not feeling well indicates that someone needs cellular detoxification more than ever. 

    • Toxicity can be physical chemical emotional

  • Fasting strategies, diet variation, cellular detox and the 5 R's are a multi-therapuetic approach

  • 5 R's

    • Remove the source: Cavitations, root canals, mercury

    • Regenerate the cell membrane: 

    • Restore Cell energy

    • Reduce inflammation

    • Re-establish methylation

  • Treat the root cause instead of treating lab work 

  • When detox is dangerous? 

    • Must use real binders and often enough to where toxicity is not redistributed must open up detoxification pathways

    • Must look upstream (evaluate biotoxins/mold exposure, hidden infections

    • The importance of a cone beam and having a doctor who can read them (listen to episode with Gerry Curatola)

  • Website and contact info: (see show notes)​

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