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Josef Vizkelety was born in Budapest, Hungary, and is 2nd generation lineage of internationally recognized dentists and physicians. 


In 2008 he graduated with a Medical Degree from Albert-Szent Györgyi University Szeged (Hungary), with "cum laude" distinction. Following medical school he attended the University of Freiburg i. Breisgau, Germany, graduating “summa cum laude” with his degree in dentistry. 

He further achieved Master of Oral Surgery and Implantology, (MSc) graduating with “excellence."

He has worked at King's College Hospital and other affiliated Hospitals in London, UK, focusing on the acutely ill patients with jaw, neck, and head issues. After, he became the head physician and consultant to the German and Austrian Police Department. During his dental training, with a specialty in  biological dentistry, he attended various clinics in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.  

Currently Dr. Vizkelety is head physician and Dentist at the Alpstein Clinic in Gais, Switzerland. He specializes in:


  • Biological metal free whole-body dentistry

  • Physiological Rehabilitation of Bite & Function 

  • Cell Regeneration & Rejuvenation 

  • Oral Surgery & Implantology 

Dr. Vizkelety shares his skills and knowledge through considerable publications in journals and as co-authors for German and English textbooks. He is an international speaker who promotes and teaches evidence based biological dentistry for all personnel working in this field and its integration into our society​through an interdisciplinary whole-body expertise: connecting medicine and dentistry​.

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Alpstein Clinic
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Dr. Josef Vizkelety

Dr. Josef Vizkelety

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Dr. Joseph Vizkelety, MD, DDS, MSc.

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