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Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine

Thieme Medical Publishers I

SBN-13: 978-3131476111

ISBN-10: 3131476117

Written by international experts in the field, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles and clinical practice of bioregulatory medicine. It opens with an overview of core concepts in homotoxicology, including the human body's defense and regulation systems, followed by a chapter on the development and evolution of illness. The authors cover the different preparation groups and discuss in detail the basic principles of antihomotoxic therapy: drainage and detoxification, immunomodulation, and cell and organ support. The final chapter focuses on the practical aspects of bioregulatory treatment, including the selection and availability of medications, indications, contraindications, and therapeutic strategies for a variety of common diseases.

Key Highlights:

  • Insights from renowned experts in homotoxicology

  • Poster-sized version of the Disease Evolution Table (DET), a key tool in daily practice

  • Plant-, mineral-, and organ-based medications - how they work

  • Practical information on various treatment methods, such as ointment dressings, injection therapies, and biopuncture

  • 80 high-quality illustrations and diagrams that demonstrate key concepts

Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine is a valuable textbook for medical students, medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, homeopaths, and other health care professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in this field.

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