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Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

What we have found over the years in helping people regain their health Biologically and naturally is that the lymphatic system is always under stress and underperforming. In fact, the lymphatic system is the most overlooked system of the body - mainly because it has been (until recently) difficult to effectively address. Lymphatic enhancement therapy refers to the ability to correctly address and assist one of the most critical components of our immune systems. Our lymphatic system is responsible for the collection, detoxification and drainage of biological toxins produced by the body. Everyone at one time or another has had a swollen lymph node. This often would have been accompanied by a cold or flu or some type of infection like chickenpox or mumps. Without obvious reasons, however, swollen lymph nodes under the arms or puffy armpits or swollen and tender nodes in the neck, groin or breast should be a point of concern. This is an indication that the lymphatic fluid has thickened and is unable to circulate and expel its toxic load efficiently. Techniques such as dry brushing and rebounding are two methods used in trying to mobilize the lymphatic fluid. 
 The spleen, appendix, tonsils, adenoids and the network of lymph nodes and lymphatic fluid make up our lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is as vast as our circulatory system - but lacks a pump like the heart. Lymph flows only by the movement of our body. Today’s sedentary lifestyles (office work, hours spent in front of a computer, and other such stressors) contribute to a stagnant lymphatic system. Fatigue, body pain, sinus congestion and skin rashes are a few of the conditions that greatly improve with lymphatic enhancement therapy. The ability to effectively assist the lymphatic system in removing toxins reduces the overall stress on the immune system. Lymphatic enhancement sessions (such as using the LymphStarPro, an FDA-registered device) is best suited for the person who wants a different approach to swollen feet and enlarged lymph nodes - without suppressive pharmaceuticals offered by contemporary medicine. Maintaining a healthy lymphatic system correlates to maintaining a healthy immune system. Ian Kennedy is the Founder and Head Clinician of True Wellness of Pennsylvania.

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