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Book Review: Say Yes to Life – Integrative Biological Medicine and Dentistry for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases & Cancer

This comprehensive and well-written book presents the principles and practices of European Biological Medicine and Dentistry as practiced at the Alpstein Clinic in Gais, Switzerland. This is an invaluable resource for patients and health professionals who desire to more deeply understand European Biological Regulatory Medicine.

This book is beautifully organized into 9 chapters with 121 color images and 30 tables of illustrations. It includes case studies, practice tips and example treatment methods with extensive background information.

Chapter 1 (“Get to Know Yourself, Understand the Illness, Help Shape the Treatment”) introduces indispensable holistic health models of the structure and function of the body. The authors illustrate many different approaches for treating chronic diseases and cancer and make clear delineations between the philosophy and practices of orthodox medicine and biological medicine (bioregulatory medicine).

Chapter 2 (“In the Beginning, Information is Gained”) discusses the foundational principles of biological regulatory medicine such as the Iceberg Phenomenon of Causation and explains several unique diagnostic tests beyond orthodox structural tests. Both functional and bioenergetic testing are introduced as complements to basic orthodox structural diagnostics.

Chapter 3 (“Eliminating Causes”) discusses disease etiology and introduces concepts such as toxicology, geopathy, electrosmog, microbial imbalances, foci and interference fields, etc. It extensively outlines concepts important to biological dentistry, such as material compatibility, dental foci, galvanicity and the oral microbiome. The authors describe many therapeutic approaches for resolving dental issues that can help heal a diseased toxic body.

Chapter 4 (“Replace Deficiencies and Recharge Your Batteries”) gives an overview on nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and vital substances that eliminate biochemical deficiencies and restore bioenergetic balance and health. In addition to nutritional therapies, several types of oxygen therapy are described.

Chapter 5 (“Strengthening the Immune System”) is a fascinating in-depth look into powerful immunological treatments such as homotoxic therapy with urine and blood, mistletoe therapy, thymus peptides, tumor vaccines, enzyme therapy, neural therapy, hyperthermia and fever therapy, pulsating magnetic field therapy and various types of recharging exercises.

Chapter 6 (“Naturopathic Medicines”) focuses on evidence-based approaches - such as homeopathy and homeopathic biocatalysts, isopathy, Schüssler mineral salts, phytotherapy, Anthroposophic medicine, spagyric medicine and bioidentical hormone therapy.

Chapter 7 (“Finding Inner Harmony”) discusses the mind and soul and how they interplay with body physiology. The authors poignantly describe the all-important topic of mind-body medicine, psychoimmunology and how emotions can affect specific organs. It is about “restoring harmony to the soul, replacing fear with trust and letting go.” Numerous body-mind therapies are outlined, such as autosuggestion, affirmation, neurolinguistic programing, visualization, hypnosis, etc.

Chapter 8 (“Level and Stage-based Treatment”) explains the importance and method of understanding the multi-causes of illness and how to prioritize therapy in stages.

Chapter 9 (“Back to Life”) offers a summary of ways of becoming healthy by becoming your own inner healer.

Say Yes to Life is a text that belongs in every household and every medical office waiting room. It is a treasure house of information for both the practitioner and patient that empowers the ability to self-heal and get results through noninvasive, nontoxic evidence-based bioregulatory medicine and dentistry.

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