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Book Review: How Can I Heal?

Author: Richard Flook

The Bioregulatory Medicine Institute

How Can I Heal? book cover

How can I heal seems like a simple enough question on the surface, yet if faced with an illness, the range of answers can be ominous and paralyzing. Much of this is because we have been taught not to question both the medical model and doctors. At a deeper level, this is also because our medical model originates from a dark past that has cloaked us to this day employing a burn, cut, and poison approach. 

Fortunately, Richard Flook, the author of How Can I Heal? brings light to the darkness. As a follow up to Richard Flook’s first book, Why Am I Sick, he shifts the focus from the question of why disease happens, to what can be done. Through each chapter he detangles the root causes of illness patiently and compassionately revealing the foundations of bioregulatory medicine and through “Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE).”

Through a quasi-fictional character named Marci, we follow her journey from despair to living a vibrant life. She does this through releasing the stranglehold of the crippling narrative of allopathic medicine to expand her mind, experiences and knowledge, traversing through the facets of an alternative paradigm. (Marci is based on a variety of Flooks clients and represents the challenges and victories they have collectively faced.)  

The book acts as a comprehensive guide providing practical insights and strategies for identifying and addressing the underlying issues. He outlines a 5-step process that encompasses many elements that are overlooked by mainstream medicine. How Can I Heal? is recommended for both individuals on a healing journey and healthcare professionals looking to expand their knowledge and enhance their practice. 

The book underscores a crucial message: when faced with illness, the imperative is to seize control of one's life. Ultimately, How Can I Heal? serves as a valuable resource for those seeking a profound understanding of the mind-body connection and the miraculous ability for us to heal ourselves. 

Richard Flook

BRMI Advisor


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