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Finding Balance with Time and Space

Ian Kennedy

No one can ever occupy the same space that you now occupy

You were born into space and a time that is exclusively yours for the duration of time that you will occupy your body. Space and time are the most fundamental and monumental aspects of life. Without them, nothing exists. We are born at a certain time into an emptiness only we will fill at that moment. Many circumstances within the time-frame of the history one is living in may be largely out of one’s control, yet we still have authority over how we realize and utilize our time and what we do within the space we fill.

We are in fact all time travelers. There is no other way. Time waits for no man; it is like the darkness of space, eternal. If we have a physical body it must occupy space and move through a period of time. We may not really move through time as much as we may move with time, or time may move over us like a wave or a cloud, or maybe time moves right through us. Regardless, time ultimately wins out because at some point we can no longer hold onto the physical body, and without a body and its five senses there can be no sensation of time.

If you have ever been in a sensory deprivation tank (It’s a submersion in a mixture of dense saltwater creating high buoyancy within a chamber of complete darkness) When the sensation of the body and mind is limited in this way, there is a distorted perspective regarding time. It essentially disappears from one's experience. This does not mean that time stops, just that our perception of it fades away. If you have ever used hallucinogens such as L.S.D. or plants like peyote or psilocybin mushrooms, (I am not advocating such use) one of the most noticeable reactions outside of hallucination, is the distortion of time. So, Einstein was right time is relative. Relative to your experience and your location within space. If you have ever been sedated for a medical procedure you have also experienced an absence of time. If you are able to allow meditativeness to over overtake you, you will find time also seems to dissolve from one's perception.

Time is manifested in many ways

Cosmic time is set forth from the initial outpouring of cosmic material from out the void. Many researchers today looking into the origin of the universe are moving away from the “big bang” or instantaneous explosion theory and are coming to the concept of something more akin to a continuous cosmic roar. This roar is an outpouring of time, space, and cosmic material. Combined, these three create the geometry of the cosmos and even how the planets have been set in motion through space and time within our solar system.

There is also solar time. The fact we orbit around a sun creating what we call years, as well as the spin of the planet upon its own axis, creating our night and day together marks the lifespan for every creature on earth. What happens to time when we leave the rotation of the earth and the orbit of the sun? It has been noted that astronauts when in space and return to the earth have to missed a segment of solar/earth time.

Then there is the time within us set by the beating of our own heart and the respirations of our own breath. Regardless of where we are, time is inescapable. These are our most intimate personal timekeepers. With every breath and every heartbeat that leads to the next, the countdown to zero beats and breaths is on. Our very Bioregulatory fluctuation of parasympathetic and sympathetic is another timekeeper within the autonomic nervous system. Resting and burning energy is a continuous wave marking time within our physiology.

Cycles of time and space, macro and micro. are both unavoidable miracles of life. The great potential that lays within every human being however. is that we, unlike any other creature, have the capacity to realize this. By realizing that our time and our experience of the space we occupy are limited and finite and that these are irreplaceable committees afforded to us in this life can be enlightening. Working with time and space in a conscience way is purely a humanistic ability. What we do with our time and what we do in the space we occupy is truly the only legacy we can leave. It is our own karmic imprint that is left on the fabric of time and space that continues on forever. What actions you take externally and internally is all that remains.

How does this relate to our health and well being? How do space and time affect our Bioregulation? When we put our time and space in the proper place within our own lives we can go beyond the undercurrent of anxiety over illness, disease, old age, and death that can detract from the experience of life. We can endeavor to embrace every moment, as a lifetime, and every space we occupy as sacred space. Knowing that our body, mind, emotion, energy, and informational vibration are only held in place by space itself in the now of time, is a leap toward ultimate liberation.

With this in mind, it is a fine practice to bow down with gratefulness once in the morning, once in the middle of the day, and once at night with gratitude to the space that held you together for another twenty-four hours. Look up into the sky with gratefulness and gratitude not to a God or some geographical heaven but simply to the space that has held you for another day. If you consistently do this over a period of time you will see a sense of blissfulness will open up in your life in many different ways.

For me, living and helping others live a Bioregulatory lifestyle is more than using natural remedies and therapies to restore, maintain or advance our health. It is a commitment to maintaining a connection to the natural world while living in modern society. It is relying on the wisdom of the body and choosing to see everything in life as a miracle. A Bioregulatory lifestyle offers an ever-expanding awareness of self, including the time and space we presently have. A Bioregulatory lifestyle encourages an ever-deepening involvement in the natural processes of life and when there is deep involvement and a sharp awareness of the space we occupy and the continuous movement of time, the space we occupy becomes sacred and time has is spent wisely and never wasted.

Ian Kennedy


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