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The Power of T.E.A.R.

by Ian Kennedy

The mind has three primary aspects: memory, imagination, and the ability to make decisions. These three ingredients of the mind are influenced by four other functions. Cognition, recognition, sensation, and finally action or reaction. This process of the mind builds a certain kind of consequence or effect. Now, the consequences of those aspects and influences and the accumulation of the effects regardless of it being physical, mental, emotional, or energetic all create a certain outcome.

I have exposed my clients to a simple formula that came to me that illustrates this process in a very simple mathematical way. I call it the TEAR equation.

(T + E) X A = R (Thought plus Emotion) multiplied by Action equals Results.

This is how all things are manifested. First, there must be a thought. Today many philosophers and scientists are pondering the idea that the entirety of all creation within the cosmos could be viewed as a thought. A thought can be uncharged. If it is uncharged then it recedes to the void or emptiness of the mind from which it came. If, however, emotion is added to it, that thought accumulates power and momentum. The emotion must be held continually to constantly fuel up the thought. A mentor of mine once said: “it is easy for most people to get excited about something, but not many can stay excited long enough to create what they first got excited about.”

If we do not charge a thought with the right emotion and hold it long enough no physical activity will come and again it recedes to nothingness. Once we have a thought and add the right emotion to it, we then can multiply action to it. If we can keep the thought charged up with the appropriate level of emotion, going into action often becomes a natural consequence.

When thought, emotion, and action build velocity the results must materialize.

Once there is a consequence to any eventual thought, emotion, and action taken the process begins to cycle upon itself.

Consequence’s insight into new emotions and actions. With this more action is released and that action will add more emotional fuel to the thought. Everyone runs this process all the time, you can’t get away from it.

The issue is that most of us do it unconsciously. What we think, we feel and what we do creates many times unwanted results.

What is empowering about the T.E.A.R. process is that if we become conscious and see that we have endured the effects of our thoughts, emotions, and the results of our actions, profound freedom can be realized. When we become cognizant of this process our perception of being a victim of any experience fades. When we realize that we can take charge of this process, we can become the writer, producer, and director of our life movie and gain the ability to change our script, alter the movie scenes, and have a profound influence over the final editing of the wonderful drama called life.

How can this impact the Bioregulatory approach to someone's health and wellness? What I ask my clients to do is run the TEAR process backward. With a few simple questions.

  1. What are the results you want?

  2. What are the actions you're willing to take?

  3. Can you fuel this thought with positive emotion without faltering?

  4. Can you retain the appropriate thought?

  5. Can you do these four things for as long as it may take?

If a client can maintain and use the TEAR process and when needed we point out if they are slipping, as well as show them when they are progressing, staying excited is easy. When a person is excited and stays excited and is consciously running the TEAR process in conjunction with the Bioregulatory course of action being taken, the natural results of good health and wellbeing will be achieved.

The TEAR process gives power in many aspects of life. Whether we are building a business, managing a family or enhancing our health and wellbeing, the TEAR equation will assist in giving greater control over the results that we desire.

Ian Kennedy, True Wellness


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