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Why Shouldn’t I eat GMO foods?
Originator of Advanced Clearing Energetics
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At 12 years old, Richard experienced the devastating loss of his mother due to breast cancer and the treatments. Later, at 37, he endured a year-long struggle with a herniated disc, finding no relief through conventional medical channels.

These pivotal life moments ignited his journey to uncover the roots of diseases and explore alternative paths to healing, free from traditional medical approaches.


Through meticulous exploration, he connected the dots, understanding how stress, toxicity, and inflammation serve as catalysts for pain and disease. Delving deeper, he discovered that by releasing energetic stress, purging toxicity, and mitigating inflammation, true healing becomes achievable.


Coming from England and residing in France, Richard now shares his profound knowledge of energetic healing on a global scale, offering insights gain from his personal journey and thousands of clients worldwide.

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Richard Flook
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Richard Flook's most recent book, How Can I Heal?, is acomprehensive guide providing practical insights and strategies for identifying and addressing the underlying issues.
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Do you wonder why you are sick or have a chronic health condition?
What causes a disease, illness and other health problems?
Find out what's REALLY wrong using Advanced Clearing Energetics in Why Am I Sick?
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