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Clinical Skills for Challenging Times

Registration is open!

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Dr. James Odell

Dr. Ralf Oettmeier

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM

Dr. Sharon Stills

Dr. Dickson Thom

Dr. Nasha Winters



Dr. Gerry Curatola 

Sargent Goodchild

Ian Kennedy

Kelly Kennedy

Moira Lo Bianco

Dr. Robert Milisen


Neural Therapy Workshop Saturday 1-5pm
Neural Therapy
back by 

Dr. Robert Milisen  Neural Therapy in the Modern Era- Combatting Stress and Toxicity

Bonus Workshops 
Sunday 2-5pm

Sound Therapy with Moira Lo Bianco

Assessing Neurological Deficits with Sargent Goodchild

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Dr. Gerry Curatola
The Mouth-Body Connection: Toxicity, Inflammation, Disease, and Regulation of Your Immune System
Sargent Goodchild
The Origins of Neurological Organization in My Practice
Kelly Kennedy.png
Kelly  Kennedy


Coherence of the Fascia Lymphatics allowing FLOW at all Levels of the Body

Moira Lo Bianco
The Synergistic Effects of Sound Therapy Combined with Other Modalities


Introduction to Sound Therapy Certification

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Dr. James Odell
BRMI Update: Website Features—--------

Breast Cancer: The Rest of the Story

Christine Schaffner.jpg
Dr. Christine Schaffner
Building the Future of Medicine Together
Dr. Ralf Oettmeier will be live via Zoom from Switzerland!  
Marlene Siegal.png
Dr. Marlene Siegel
Low Level Light Therapy with Photoactivators For The  Fur Family


Detoxification For The  Fur Family And Their Parents

Dr. Dickson Thom.PNG
Dr. Dickson Thom
Stress- It can be a GOOD thing!—--------

The 5 phases/ stages necessary to cure patients of a chronic disease

Two Bonus Workshops!
Sunday Afternoon From 2-5pm 
Sound Therapy with
Moira Lo Bianco
Clinical Assessment
of Neurological Deficits with
Sarge Goodchild

Ian Kennedy
Frequency Information Therapy (F.I.T.): How it can affect and restore bioregulation
Dr. Robert Milisen.webp
Dr. Robert Milisen
COVID and Chronic Viral Infections: What to do and What Treatments Work
Ralf Oettmeier headshot.001.jpeg
Dr. Ralf Oettmeier
Importance of targeted detox work on cancer patients

Active fever therapy: state of the art

Dr. Sharon Stills headshot.png
Dr. Sharon Stills
Mindful Healing
Nasha Winters.PNG
Dr. Nasha Winters
Terrain vs. Tumor approach in oncology

**We reserve the right to change lecture topics. We also cannot guarantee the presence of every speaker as sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent travel. In that case, we will either use Zoom or have another speaker fill that spot. 


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Photo Gallery from our 2021 Workshop/Conference

Covered Patio Sonesta suites
Outdoor pool sonesta suites
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Outdoor pool with cabanas sonesta suites
Outdoor courtyard sonesta suites

It is indeed a beautiful day to be alive! Thank all of you who attended this event! So looking forward to the next one! 

Conference Reflection

The power of Bioregulatory Medicine at the BRMI conference was glaringly evident in Arizona last month. The venue was wonderful, and the information given was amazing from all those who presented. Perhaps only the camaraderie was mightier and more enlightening. It was wonderful to see new practitioners, as well as lay people, take up the banner of BRMI. 


Dr. James Odell and his amazing staff poured out their hearts to make it all happen as they always do. Their commitment and enduring fortitude toward BRMI and Bioregulatory Medicine touched each soul in attendance and once again lifted the spirits of all who were there. 


Knowledge is gained in many ways. Experience, guidance, and teaching from others, even pure osmosis, yet what was given at this conference was more than information, it was the prevailing spirit of Bioregulatory Medicine that elevated us all to new heights.  For those who made the trip regardless of the struggles that many encountered including Dr. Ralf Oettmeier from the Alpstein Clinic who was forced to give his presentation via Zoom from Switzerland. His ability to attend was curtailed due to the ignorance of those holding governmental power at this time yet it did nothing to stop the truth from prevailing. Nor could it impede the spirit of BRMI and Bioregulatory Medicine from making a difference for those who attended and continue to practice and utilize this profound science.  


Bringing together like-minded doctors and practitioners as was done is priceless and empowering. Realizing that the collective “we” are not on an island nor that we are paddling ourselves alone up the stream of conventionality without support is immeasurable. The time spent with old friends and newfound colleagues reignited old embers into new kindled flames of passion and admiration for everyone who works to further the science of Bioregulatory Medicine. 


It is the power of people who expound the truth and live it, as well as those who have the fortitude to stand publicly and declare it, that make a difference for all.  If you were unwilling or unable to attend this year’s conference, be sure not to miss the next one. The BRMI conferences are a cut above all the rest and offer everyone the power to help themselves and others live a Bioregulatory lifestyle. Don’t miss out and be sure to be at the next one. Thank you, Dr. Odell, BRMI staff, and all those who made this year's experience a memorable one. 


Ian Kennedy, True Wellness Clinic of Pa.

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