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BEGIN AGAIN, Trauma, Disease and Healing with the Brain Protocol and Biological Medicine

Book written by Dr. Dickson Thom

With over 20 years of clinical experience with hundreds of patients, this book outlines the

effects that “perceived” trauma has on the cause of chronic illness.

If you ever wondered why you have any of the common health challenges in our society such as high blood pressure, or cancer, or heart disease, or migraine headaches, or kidney disease or lung problems or chronic fatigue, or anxiety/ depression or an autoimmune condition like RA,MS or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, this book will help you understand what happened.

Because of our knowledge of epigenetics, the root cause can often be traced to experiences at

any age during your health journey. Using actual cases throughout the book you will be able to

reflect on your own life to try and understand why you experience the world the way you do.

You owe it yourself to read this book. It may change your understanding of the cause of any

“dis-ease” you personally have/ had, allowing you to make positive changes, changing any

future health challenges.

Here is a link to a podcast about the book.


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