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The 8 Root Causes of Disease & The Path Back to Health

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E.

Health, In its Truest Form, is Unobstructed Energy (Spirit) Traveling Through the Body Without Resistance & The Higher the Amplitude of Transmembrane Voltage, the Better!

Before I go into the physiology of disease and the path I’ve developed with God & Nature back to the Divine Design, I want to discuss how perception and our response to circumstances and events can create ill-health. Yes, stress can cause and exacerbate disease. This is why one must develop a neutral and fearless perspective.

I was raised in a truly Christian home; my grandmother was a passionate Christian and followed the word of Jesus Christ to the letter, in a puritan’s, simple non-denominational church loving, singing, teaching the Good News Club for the children in the community, playing the piano for the church, total involvement way. As you can see, she was always in solution mode in making her environment better and lifting others up.

In the face of family problems, or adversity in the world, or Grandpa’s health or business, she would always say “Give it to God”. You see, this kept her neutral and fearless. She was giving the problem to the supreme power she whole-heartedly believed in. People could learn a lot from this family and God-loving housewife. She chose her God / religion, she prayed daily and applied its biblical principles, and in times of trouble gave the solution-making to Jesus through bible study to understand what to do in the face of life’s challenges and was always totally willing to accept the outcome, never fearing it because she knew where her eternity and the bigger picture would ultimately deliver her. The 3rd dimensional battles on the way were truly minimally significant to her. This is the ultimate stress mediator and I advise everyone to do the same to “cure” the stress induced health issues they may suffer. Pick your supreme power, study and practice its teachings, and in times of trouble give the problem to your God with a fearless willingness to accept the outcome.

The 8 Root Causes of All Disease

Oxidative Stress

When you ask yourself “why are there all these epidemic diseases today when they were rarely heard of or non-existent 50 years ago?” The answer is oxidative stress. We suffer malnutrition and dehydration (bottled water does not properly hydrate you) in a time that we need more nutrition and hydration to metabolize and move toxins out. Processed foods, GMO foods which are largely unidentifiable to the digestive process, pesticides, food additives, synthetic toxic sweeteners, animal hormone and antibiotic treatment, pollution, dead soil, monocrop agricultural practices, agricultural waste and pollution, industrial waste and pollution, dead and fluoride treated bottled water, pseudo alkaline minerally void bottled water, prolific metabolic pharmaceutical drug use, prolific psychiatric drug use, prolific street drugs of every genus, chemicals in everything from our cookware to our hygiene, toxic chemtrails and pollutants in the air, electronic pollution, and the over stimulus of modern day living on the nervous system keeping the lion’s share of the population in sympathetic dominance is creating an environment that our neuroendocrine system charged with helping us adapt to our environment and detoxification mechanisms simply can’t keep up with anymore. So, our nerves become fire- crackers and our bodies are constantly in an energy taxing fight to stay alive amidst the bombardment of toxic assault.

These toxicities rob us of nutrients when most people do not even eat food that is nutritious and exhaust our energy because what little energy our cells are producing is being focused on metabolizing these toxins which keeps us in survival mode. Because the body is so overwhelmed and in sympathetic nervous system dominance, the conscious is always in a state of heightened perception of stress and can shift to fight or flight simply by reading an egregious email.

As chronic oxidative stress takes its toll, toxins enter the intracellular network of cells and begin making them sluggish, unable to produce energy in the mitochondria and do the work the divine design assigned to them and the impetus of disease begins. It doesn’t take long before they begin: first developing metabolic disorders, and then disease starts, due to the resulting low transmembrane voltage.

Low Transmembrane Voltage

Low transmembrane voltage is the byproduct of accumulated oxidative stress, low oxygen, and lack of proper hydration. It can develop from a number of conditions such as poor diet, improper food, a toxic environment such as if you live in a concentrated industrial area or any area where a number of industries are off-gassing, or their waste is found in the air or groundwater.

Blunt trauma injury induced inflammation, if it is chronic, can cause local diseases like soft tissue sarcomas, due to the fact that it cuts off oxygen, hydration and nutrient delivery while making it impossible for the body to remove the accumulated toxins from the starved cells.

Endotoxins such as lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are bacterial toxins made in an unhealthy, healthy microbe depleted dysbiotic gut and cause many health issues when they reach the bloodstream.

Once in the blood, endotoxins produce systemic pro-inflammatory cytokines which travel everywhere, and can create inflammation anywhere in the body. Those that suffer constant systemic, low grade inflammation are the ones that will and do suffer a cytokine storm, known as COVID-19, that ends up killing a lot of them.

High fat diets and accumulated fats are precursors to LPS production and is, of course, a major contributing factor to overweight and diabetic people suffering the worst that COVID-19 has to offer. It can also be a contributing factor for those that suffer horrific vaccination conditions like thickening of the blood and blood clotting because the spike proteins injure organ tissues and red blood cells, which kick off the exaggerated immune / inflammatory response - a sort of on-the-spot-developed chronic inflammation response syndrome (CIRS).

The lungs have their own immune system, so of course spike proteins from COVID-19 are going to injure tissues there and cause the immune / inflammatory response. The problem is, while inflammation in most other areas of the body can be mediated by the biochemistry and keep the organ functioning minimally while you recover, you can’t go without oxygen for more than a few minutes so if your lungs are inflamed and can’t uptake and deliver oxygen, you’re in trouble.

Due to the fact that LPS have a direct avenue to the brain via the Vagus Nerve, and the brain having its own immune system which responds with inflammation to pathogens, brain inflammation, like inflammation anywhere, chokes off nutrients and water and makes removing toxins impossible, allowing oxidative stress to accumulate and modulate neurochemistry producing mental health issues. So of course, LPS and the inflammation it causes in the brain can be the root cause of many mental disorders from brain fog to cancer to every psychiatric symptom known.

Inflammation caused by toxic assault is largely induced by pharmaceutical drugs. For instance, psychotropic drugs that target the brain cause neuronal death, which causes inflammation.

Benzodiazepines, such as Klonopin, create massive gut health issues because sleep aids inhibit proper peristalsis. So food is not properly and efficiently digested and rots in your gut while never being fully digested – it’s sort of like a landfill of bacteria and viruses and other pathogens in there.

Sunlight Deficiency

We all know that exposure to the sun produces vitamin D in our bodies. Because of the many benefits, literally requirements, in the body for Vitamin D, a deficiency translates to many serious health issues and vulnerability to many rampant bacterial, viral, fungal, mold, and endo/exotoxic infections. Vitamin D promotes a healthy immune system, strengthens bones, fights inflammation, helps prevent type 1 and 2 diabetes, depression and hypertension. It helps reduce weight and prevent cancer, one popular one today being prostate cancer. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to Multiple Sclerosis. Sunlight is a potent antioxidant, provides neuroprotection and promotes healthy brain chemistry.

So, doesn’t it make sense that a deficiency of sunlight would put you at risk for all the above and a plethora of other ill health conditions? We were meant to get healthy amounts of sun daily! It is the core source of life energy, without it, everything on this planet dies! So, doesn’t it make sense that a deficiency would cause a full range of metabolic disorders and disease on the way to death?

Sunlight deficiency is also a key factor in low transmembrane voltage, like PEMF, getting in the sun is like putting jumper cables on every cell of your body.

Vitamin D has been reported by Yale that it can be helpful in both preventing a COVID-19 infection and making an infection less severe, in fact, Vitamin D deficiency is significantly associated with increased risk for COVID-19.

9 out of 10 deaths from COVID-19 attributed to vitamin D deficiency


Dehydration is not taken seriously enough. It is a key contributor to the accumulation of oxidative stress, causes fatigue, and contributes to inflammation. It is actually one of the top three worst conditions to have. And to make matters worse, most of the population doesn’t realize that bottled water does not hydrate you.

Biochemically speaking, you have to have a very specific “difference of potential” (charge) between available electrolytes that can only be achieved by the natural, made by God & Nature water that we evolved on. When this difference of potential is achieved the ion gates of cells will open, allowing water in to hydrate and nourish the intracellular environment of the cell. Otherwise, the water you are drinking is just floating around in the plasma until you urinate.

Today’s water is dead. It is the equivalent to the nutritionally empty sugar. All but nature’s pure water doesn’t have the right amounts / balance of electrolytes (or any at all) which also have isolated functions in the body other than hydrating you. When you consider that you are about 75% water on any given day you can be assured that the right mineral constitution of all minerals required for healthy biochemical function is of utmost importance to your health.

Dehydration causes acidity and clumping of red blood cells (rouleau) which makes it hard for blood to get to the smaller venous areas such as the brain, outer limbs and organ deeper tissues. In the brain, where blood is fed through a network of mostly capillaries, blood starved tissue will cause cellular death and of course neurodegenerative disease.


Most people have full bellies yet are entirely void of any kind of healthy nutritional composition and certainly nothing that is going to serve up truly excellent health and a strong immune system.

Processed foods, pesticides, food additives (chemicals), pollution, widespread monocrop agricultural practices, nutritionally depleted soil and GMOs all rob the plant of its nutrient stores because they are used up by trying to metabolize and remove toxins – just like us.

Hydrogen that is supposed to be trapped in the plant that we rely on as a source for our own immune system is depleted because it is used up by the plant trying to survive a barrage of chemical pollutants and pathogenic attacks. In the end, conventional produce is “sick” by the time it gets to us. Organic food is of course far better and has been proven so through nutritional laboratory testing, however, it still does not have the robust nutritional composition that produce did 100 years ago.

Organic farms are monocrops which deplete soil and then “man” makes up his / her version of fertilizer, which pales in comparison to the proper rotation of crops and biodynamic crops, which ride with God & Nature and naturally reseed soil with the diversity of balanced nutrients required for a healthy plant and a healthy microbiome for us.

In addition, the lack of bacterial diversity due to the near non-existence of heirloom fruits and vegetables is another problem which causes malnutrition and a very low, short list of healthy microbial species, meaning a toxic and dysbiotic gut microbiome.

Organic food- based supplements can do a little patch work but they are not a solution for total, true health as they do not work with the same proper farming, natural environmental synergy of vitamins, minerals, EFAs and proteins working together with all the live enzymatic catalysts present in truly healthy fresh produce to perform the cellular repair and replication that we evolved on for probably hundreds of thousands of years. Our bodies still need and expect the nutritional diversity and levels of 100 years ago that can only be delivered by pure, nutrient rich, properly farmed food required for proper bio-neurochemical function.

The Hunza people in the pristine area of Northern Pakistan high up in the Himalayas live like they did a thousand years ago. The water is so minerally rich it has a slight white tint, the land has never been exposed to any kind of pesticides, industrial farming or pollution or GMOs, and they don’t process or put chemicals in their food. They farm like they did a thousand years ago and eat right from the land. Their animals eat the food their bodies ate from the beginning of their genus (unlike giving corn to chickens that are bug and grass eaters) so their animals are healthy and disease free. And they fast on apricots and apricot juice 3 months of the year (I’m sure weather prohibits any kind of farming) and actually look forward to it. They work hard and enjoy it, and don’t live lives that are nutritionally taxing. The Hunza commonly live well over a hundred and many from 120 to 140.

Believe it or not, yes, in the good olé USA most people are malnourished. Plants don’t have the nutritional composition they once had and just missing one nutrient in any biochemical process can stop the process of repair and replication causing disease and early death. And again, our food supply being so nutritionally depleted, in a time when we need more nutrition to stave off the toxic assaults we suffer every day, does not provide a confident picture for the future health and life expectancy of humans.

Low Oxygen and Hydrogen

Oxygen: Low transmembrane voltage is the first step to all diseases and is caused by oxidative stress. It should be pretty easy to understand why low transmembrane voltage would be the impetus of all disease and the metabolic syndromes that many times precede them. Toxicity and low oxygen and hydrogen inhibits cellular energy production, the cell becomes sluggish and cannot function well, oxidative stress quickly builds, damaging DNA and causing the cell’s death. Easy-peasy.

Hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions make cells vulnerable to cancer because if a cell cannot get the oxygen it needs for the mitochondria to produce ATP (energy) then it will seek out any source of energy it can to survive and in cancer’s case it is “aerobic glycolysis”. To survive, the cell literally creates an enzyme that enables it to perform Aerobic glycolysis to create energy, however, a byproduct of this mechanism of action is glucose being turned into lactic acid. Upregulation of glycolysis for energy leads to acidosis which requires the cell to evolve into a phenotype resistant to acid induced cell toxicity and this actually promotes tumor growth.

Subsequent cell populations with upregulated glycolysis and acid resistance have a powerful growth advantage, which promotes unconstrained replication and invasion.

Another byproduct of aerobic glycolysis is hypoxia, which plays a huge role in cancer progression. Important regulatory molecules are decreased which lead to increased cancer cell replication. Down regulation of the enzymes Drosha & Dicer necessary for producing microRNAs which regulate a variety of genes plays a key role in the progression of cancer.

It is a deficiency in oxygen which reduces the transmembrane voltage potential that makes the cell vulnerable to cancer. We know this is an absolute for many reasons, but the first one on the list is because the heart is the only organ in the body that operates at -120mv and heart cancer

is extremely rare. All other cells of the body run at -70mv so they will develop cancer well before the heart, causing death well before the heart will suffer low transmembrane voltage.

Heart cancer is about one quarter of one percent of cancers in any given year and are usually generated in the soft tissue of the body. It is also reported by Mayo that even the majority of those are benign.

It is most often inflammation, malnutrition, chronic toxicity, and sedentary lifestyles that cause the low oxygen levels that cause low transmembrane voltage.


I consider hydrogen medicine the medical breakthrough of the century because everyone is hydrogen deficient, and you need hydrogen in the presence of oxygen to produce ATP / energy.

The electrons required for all redox systems – all biological life forms for that matter - come from hydrogen which we are supposed to be getting from our food and water. But we’re not anymore, not in the healthy and robust levels that we did before we created an almost unlivable environment, and that is why people today everywhere are more acidic and suffering for it more than ever before.

Hydrogen is just as important to the production of energy as oxygen is, but it gets no attention – yet, it is the hydrogen H+ molecule that actually creates the energy within the mitochondria! We are supposed to be just over 60% hydrogen but I’m sure we come very short as our hydrogen sources are supposed to come from food and water and both are now seriously depleted. Without the proper levels of oxygen, hydrogen and CO2, nothing downstream (which is the proper synthesis, breakdown, utilization, and functioning IN TOTAL of all elements in the body) will work right.

Oxygen comes in from the lungs and IF there is proper pH (hydrogen potential) oxygen will be efficiently introduced into the cells where it meets hydrogen again and a few other select elements such as magnesium to produce ATP. Please note, energy is not just you feeling like you have enough to get out of bed and get through your day with ease, it is required for the proper functioning and detoxification of every cell in your body and if the mitochondria become sluggish due to the absence of its elemental requirements to make energy, every cell in your body will suffer, ergo you and your quality of life. What should be the alarming fact to everyone reading this article is that a sluggish cell becomes prey to oxidative stress, which is the impetus of ALL disease. If a cell can’t detoxify itself rapidly, oxidative stress will destroy it that much faster.

Hydrogen is essential to every biological process of the body – every single one. Molecular Hydrogen is the most powerful and the smallest antioxidant molecule on the planet (hundreds of times smaller than vitamin C) so it is granted access to hard-to-reach inflamed areas under chronic oxidative assault that many times larger molecules like vitamin C can’t get to.

So long as your lungs are working to get good levels of oxygen into the system and there is enough hydrogen to provide the electrons necessary to run the machinery of biological life forms as well as a well-educated healthy lifestyle and a nutritionally robust diet is being practiced, biological health operations under the hood have a great foundation for a life of health and vitality. However, there isn’t enough hydrogen even in the health conscious today because it is being depleted from our food and water by all forms of pollution and food and water processing.

So, without enough hydrogen, no matter the oxygen or nutrients making it into the cells the mitochondria can’t produce the energy to utilize them efficiently and to maximum benefit. Since everyone is toxic and acidic today unless they know EXACTLY how to take care of themselves, I would say that lack of hydrogen is the number one cause of disease today (due to the increased need due to relentless toxic assault) and the number one reason why it’s so hard for people to recover from illness.

Bottled water has nowhere near the hydrogen (if any that can be made available to us) in it the fresh river water we evolved on did. It’s filtered and acidic! Acidic means no notable hydrogen (where the word hydrate comes from!) and there are little to no minerals in it – the highways which electrons travel. All food, including organic (still the only food you should be eating) is exposed to soil, water and air polluting chemicals (chemtrails, industrial, agricultural, etc…) which means that the hydrogen that should be saved in our produce is instead, being used up as the antioxidant it is donating its electrons to try and maintain and protect the life of its home – the plant - our produce. So there goes your hydrogen from food!

Hydrogen deficiency absolutely must be addressed in all healthcare systems! Without it, exercise and an organic, healthy diet will never bring you to the health you wish to achieve and the quality of life and longevity any health-conscious person would expect!

Toxic Colon

A toxic colon, which most people have today, is certainly a key contributor to disease. A toxic colon produces extremely harmful endotoxins (made within pathogens), which will allow undigested chyme to rot in the gut making a home for a plethora of bacteria and virus strains, cannot support the immune system, which is one of its main jobs, cannot provide the essential short chain fatty acids which one of them we know is a natural cancer killer, butyrate.

A toxic gut is mostly responsible for constant hunger because when the fermentation type of digestion of inulins and resistant starches that is supposed to take place doesn’t, the fuel we are supposed to derive from short chain fatty acids after the small intestine has finished with the simple / complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats is absent so the brain starts sending out the hunger hormones an hour or two after a meal that is supposed to satiate you and provide steady energy for 5 to 8 hours! Remember when you were a kid and it was such a bummer to be called in for dinner cause you were playing with your friends and food was the last thing on your mind? Well, that is how it’s supposed to be!

The most common causes of weight gain are a dysbiotic, yeast and fungus riddled gut, imbalanced harmful verses healthy bacterial flora (microbiome health), a very thin gut microbe count caused by OTC drugs, prescribed drugs, psychiatric drugs, toxic food and drink, antibiotics, bathing in toxic water, etc. which also causes a weak immune system because a proper balance of gram positive and negative microbes is required to make hydrogen in the gut which the immune system uses to destroy incoming and developed in the system endo and exotoxins.

To make matters worse, what is, if not the impetus, the most profound key factor in the development of disease and metabolic disorders, is the accumulated systemic oxidative stress in the body caused by a toxic colon. Old waste, undigested fats, and starches become a rotting tar-like mucoid plaque lining the walls of the colon and make a home for every parasite, pathogen and biotoxin which off gas their own toxins and these are collectively recirculated throughout the body and brain 24/7 via the arteries that wrap around the colon, which are intended to absorb the short chain fatty acids that are the byproduct of the fermentation digestive process of the inulins and resistant starches in your diet.

Talk about an oxidative stress generator!

While serious disease is developing, generated by a toxic gut, you will suffer fatigue, malaise, fog brain, inability to focus, lower back ache, a heightened perception of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability because these toxins create analogues of excitatory neurotransmitters and cause sympathetic nervous system dominance which will generate a much more intense physiological response to stress which also leaves you vulnerable to disease conditions that stress is known to serve up.

You will never enjoy any true sense of well-being and the type of health that causes spontaneous moments of extreme gratitude for just being alive when you have a toxic colon.

The Path Back To The Divine Design

I’m sure we know that we are spiritual beings / light beings. We certainly are, and spirit is energy. To a scientist, health is homeostasis, to a spiritualist, health is the ability for spirit / energy to move unobstructed (no resistance) and with the most amplitude possible to live a spirit-filled life and enjoy the embodiment of that spirit; ergo, bliss, joy and a sense of gratitude to be alive because it feels so damn good.

It’s my opinion, that if you can’t look up to the sky and literally become tearful at the miracle it is that you are here and become overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for being alive, to witness the beauty of this planet despite the environmental deluge of toxicity humans have levied upon it, you are not healthy in the true sense of body, mind and spiritual health.

So, to achieve this state of peace and health, you must address the 7 Root Causes of Metabolic Disorders and Disease, and reset your baseline biochemistry to that of the Divine Design, and yes, the tools you need to use are those of God & Nature. There is no other way, there is no pill, there is no surgery that can achieve the passionate outcome of following God & Nature in Medicine.

I would like to note here, that if you take a look at my clinic and the tools of God & Nature, you’ll see that all I’m doing is getting the things that don’t belong in the body (or planet for that matter) out and using the elements that we are deficient in due to the poisoning of the planet to bring you back to the Divine Design.

Oxidative Stress

To eliminate / dramatically reduce oxidative stress we have our patients follow a reduced calorie organic diet of a nut milk, coconut smoothie, food-based high fat parasite paté (helps get the neuroendocrine system and the body’s fat burning mechanisms working again), in the morning, a cold pressed organic vegetable juice in the afternoon with 4oz organic sauerkraut (robust probiotic source) and an organic bone broth in the evening with 4oz sauerkraut. For vegetarians, we provide a low sodium vegetable broth. Bone broth is for the much needed minerals during detox and it really helps calm the beast of evening hunger. Vegetable broth also has some minerals of course, however, it does not tone the stomach like bone broth and has carbohydrates in it which is not ideal before going to bed.

The medical devices we have at the clinic that dramatically reduce oxidative stress are the infrared sauna done daily for an hour, the medical hydrogen brown’s gas patients breath for an hour every day, colon hydrotherapy, high dose vitamin c and glutathione, NAD IVs which are rocket fuel for the mitochondria and of course improving ATP / energy production is going to systemically help get toxins out of the intracellular environment quickly as well as throughout the body.

Pulse electromagnetic treatments delivered in the pattern of the taurus which is how we have received the geomagnetic energy of the planet since the beginning of time, which is far more bioavailable to the cells than any other PEMF device out there, helps improve circulation and reduces inflammation which enables blood flow to get at the remote areas to remove oxidative stress. And then of course there is the king and queen of oxidative stress and pathogenic removal, the EBOO – Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation & Oxygenation (EBOO) and the Zotzmann 10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Treatment.


The PEMF increases circulation and reduces inflammation, we dramatically reduce LPS / endotoxins with the calorie restricted organic diet, once the die-off of ozone treatment has been metabolized, that dramatically reduces inflammation by bringing down viral, bacterial, endotoxin, pathogenic loads. The organic diet and super food supplementation and IV nutrients we provide helps because giving cells robust amounts of the nutrients they have been starved from enables cells to detox by providing all the parts their machinery requires to fulfill the work of their divine design.

NAD helps reduce inflammation by improving energy production and even adds more mitochondria to cells (we lose them as we age as we do NAD stores). Colon Hydrotherapy goes a long way in reducing inflammation by getting out an enormous amount of ancient waste and of course massive amounts of LPS. Hydrogen gas is a very potent antioxidant treatment and is able to get into areas that other antioxidants can’t. Also, gas being highly reactive it is very effective. Delivering electrons deep into the brain and other tissues provides the energy and flow to remove / cancel toxins causing inflammation.

Low Transmembrane Voltage (LTV)

PEMF therapy is like putting jumper cables on the positive / negative poles of each cell. PEMF improves circulation and hydration which delivers the required nutrients we’re providing in the diet, superfood nutritional therapies and nutrient infused IVs for cells to function efficiently and make the required energy for the machinery of the body to function well. PEMF literally brings the frequency of the body and mind up by raising transmembrane voltage.

Colon hydrotherapy removes a large portion of the oxidative stress that causes LTV as does EBOO and 10 pass ozone treatments. Of course breathing medical hydrogen brown’s gas dramatically raises LTV because we’re delivering massive amounts of hydrogen gas to be released as energy in the mitochondria and the antioxidant power of H202 reduces the oxidative stress that is the root cause with low oxygen that causes LTV.


To address dehydration we filter our water with a fully loaded set of Berkey filters. I have researched and found that the river water that we evolved on had a TDS (total dissolved solids / mineral composition) of generally 1500. We pour 2 gallons of water into a glass water dispenser and then, so using God & Nature, we use 1 TBL Himalayan salt brine and 2 TBL of another form of purified ocean water. This brings the TDS of the water to generally 1500 and now, because the electrolyte balance of Himalayan salt brine has never been disrupted or depleted by the toxic pollutant products of humans, we have the perfect difference of potential required to open cellular ion gates and get hydration into the cells. I have seen miracles happen simply by hydrating people properly.

Minerals are the energy conduits in the body. True hydration actually improves energy because the difference of the potential provides a path to flow and the electrolytes themselves feed energy making systems. Electrolytes open the ion gates, get the water nutrients and liquid in thus improving the amplitude of the cell which raises LTV – energy.

Proper hydration also improves getting toxins out of the cells and body which also raises LTV and helps create a clean running protein machine!


Malnutrition has been found by NutrEval testing even in those health-conscious clients who eat exclusively organic food. I explained earlier why, depleted soils, and nutrients being lost to trying to metabolize toxins in the plant, etc…

Today, people eat too much which makes the body work harder (while introducing more toxins) and yet they are still malnourished.

We dramatically reducing calories, detox the microbiome by introducing massive amounts of hydrogen, improve the gut microbiome with loads of probiotics (non-pasteurized soil based, Bifido, and sauerkraut), and provide only organic nut milk for protein, coconut oil and manna for fat, organic juice for carbohydrates and concentrated vitamin, minerals, vegetable protein, and live enzymes, and then a mineral bath in the evening with bone broth.

Only bone broth and 4oz of sauerkraut is provided in the evening because you don’t want to go to bed with undigested carbohydrates in your system. This is the main reason why people develop massive amounts of inflammation overnight and are so fog-brained, achy and stiff in the morning.

It is extremely important to understand the value of this diet during the 7-day treatment cycle. It is why and how I get the superior results I do over any other clinic. I am prescribing a diet that dramatically reduces inflammation so my therapies will always get deeper and be more medically effective because I have made the “soil rich” for their healing power!

We also provide organic food based, broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements, organic methyl-B12 to feed the methylation system, ancient sourced shilajit which has minerals in it that we evolved on and still require, however, do not get in our diet anymore due to the many reasons I’ve explained.

We use a combination of four base minerals for daily pH correction as detoxing is an acidic event, digestive enzymes, salt bile liver support, organic chlorophyll for more oxygen, fresh pressed organic turmeric to reduce inflammation, 4oz of organic kombucha with fulvic minerals, a liquid multiple vitamin, and folinic acid in it, and an antioxidant powder we make at the clinic of NAC, Glycine, and Glutamine, which makes Glutathione in your system, and Vitamin C. The dosage we provide in one TBL is 4 grams of each! Note that correcting pH will improve oxygen uptake into the cells by 20%.

I want to expound a bit about why I use soil-based probiotics. Probiotics you find on the shelf are extremely “thin” when you compare their “family” count to that which we know should be in the gut. There are tens of thousands of probiotic microbes that should be in there supporting your immune system and providing for healthy digestion. They are very proud to promote 200 billion and beyond CFU, but that is colony forming units of those 12 or so healthy gut bacteria. It is not a 200 million different strains of healthy microbes of which is really what you need! Non-pasteurized soil based probiotics at least have thousands, possibly 10’s of thousands so if you take a bit of organic chicory or cornstarch (prebiotics) with your soil based probiotics, you’ll get a greater CFU count of thousands of healthy microbes.

The 5 or so hours in between these small, reduced calorie meals, the body is able to go into the natural cleansing wave and in all its wisdom, knowing the difference between organ tissue and garbage, will begin eating up and using the garbage for fuel. Also, in the hours between these small meals, the pancreas is able to rest and replenish nutritional stores and energy for making robust amounts of digestive enzymes for maximum digestive capacity the next time you eat.

Low Oxygen and Hydrogen

Oxygen: The main elements of survival in order of priority are oxygen, water and food. You can go more than a few days without water, and go easily a month fasting on water and even more for those trained in it. Please note though, that people that use distilled water to supplement their fast end up in the hospital and some die of dehydration. No oxygen shuts down energy, period. Death. Low oxygen gradually reduces all biochemical functions and as you are aware by now, causes the predecessor to all disease and metabolic disorders, LTV.

To pump oxygen into the system at the clinic and raise LTV, we flood it with Ozone which turns into oxygen and water. We ensure the patient has an alkaline pH by providing our powders daily and monitoring it. And we even give them a bit extra just before their treatment. PEMF raises oxygen levels by improving mitochondria utilization of it as does NAD drips. Colon hydrotherapy raises oxygen levels by expertly reducing LPS. And breathing medical grade H202 improves oxygen utilization especially in the mitochondria in the production of ATP. The nutritional IVs raise oxygen by providing high amounts of magnesium which improve oxygen uptake.

Hydrogen: We have our patients’ breathe 66% H202, 33% Oxygen using the Rolls Royce of hydrogen machines. This floods the body with hydrogen and dramatically improves intracellular energy production by providing that key H+ proton that is released that causes the actual burst of energy. Our patients are on an ancient and modern day mineral rich diet which boosts hydrogen as there is a lot of energy exchange with minerals and they produce electrons in the process. Our patients drink hydrogen water which floods the gut with much needed hydrogen.

The way we make water by reconstituting it with made by God & Nature’s perfect balance of electrolytes to create that difference of potential which creates that electrical charge in the water, produces hydrogen. And lastly, the organic cold pressed juice has modern day levels of concentrated hydrogen in it. Modern day meaning it isn’t like 100 years ago, but it helps a lot especially when people are going from near no hydrogen levels to some!

It is easy to understand how deficient people are in hydrogen today when we witness the dramatic health benefits of breathing the gas. Truly remarkable. I have a machine at the house and I sleep with it overnight. It is hard for me to improve my health because I have always been passionate about my health so I’m not deficient in anything that a supplement, treatment, etc… would show dramatic results. I mountain bike about 8 miles nearly every day, lift weights, fast regularly, follow a mostly plant-based diet except when my professional athlete training camp chef daughter is around cooking grass-fed meats with a dinner, I do my foundational nutritional protocol to fill in the gaps that organic food leaves, and I am strict about no toxins in my hygiene, food, air in the house, cleaning supplies, etc. And believe me, when I got my machine, within a week of breathing the H202 gas overnight, I felt like I had rocket fuel in my shoes! My cognitive function has always been good and it got better, my hormones shot up, and while I sleep so hard my dad once got a semi-truck horn to wake me up, I sleep longer and don’t wake up in the middle of the night which I had a tendency to once a night because I do drink my fair share of reconstituted water. I also don’t feel the burn I once did on the steeper hills on my bike ride! Hydrogen produces energy, energy makes everything work better!

Toxic Colon

Of course, the colon hydrotherapy in the colon is the most efficient way to get old waste which harbors the worst of pathogenic and LPS toxicities. Add to that the ozone rectal insufflations, which not only kill endo and exotoxins in the colon but gets into the bloodstream killing them there too. The natural cleansing wave initiated by the 5 hours between the small superfood meals we provide also goes a long way in eliminating toxic chemicals and endotoxins / LPS. We also provide robust amounts of probiotics which help drive down harmful bacteria in the gut. The clean diet stops the introduction of toxicity which allows us to bring down the toxic load in the gut with sustainable results. Hydrating with the right water helps remove toxins by properly flushing through the walls of the colon. And driving down inflammation helps us remove impacted waste in the diverticula. The potent ozone treatments we provide of course get into the colon and kill endo/exotoxins and the many bacterial and viral pathogens there. And the H202 gas helps neutralize toxins.

How to Use Sunlight as Medicine and Infrared Sauna

We ask our patients to get at least 30 minutes of sunlight daily, while they are in treatment and when they get home. This is an excellent 20 minute video about how to use sunlight as medicine

Sunlight raises mitochondrial function and promotes more ATP production from the cell. Thus raising transmembrane voltage. Sunlight is literally food for the mitochondria, both chemically and energetically.

Sunlight is a natural antiseptic, kills fungus, mold, yeast and other pathogens in the body.

NCBI report: The Benefits of Exposure to Sunlight

Now, because most of our patients come in experiencing a healing crisis, we can’t keep them in the sun for as long as they need to get a “load dose” of its benefits. Too much of anything is not good. Specifically, it’s the UV rays that can do some damage to modern man / woman (we don’t tolerate it well these days because we haven’t been in it enough over the last 60 years), however, we can still reap the many benefits of the infrared spectrum of sunlight by getting in an infrared sauna for an hour daily while not risking any health issues, only benefitting immensely from the many health promoting aspects of this treatment.

The sweat of those in a steam and Infrared sauna were tested for toxins released in it, in the steam they measured 3%, in the infrared they measured an average of 17%. Infrared sauna breaks down water clusters that typically travel in clusters of 11 to 13 molecular structures to 3 to 5. This helps get the much-needed water into and through the cells to flush them out.

Infrared sauna activates the immune system because the irradiated heat raises the core body temperature mimicking a fever so it kills fungus, mold, yeast, parasites, lipopolysaccharides and other harmful bacterial infections like Lyme, viruses like Epstein Barr, Herpes and yes, COVID 19. The health benefits of infrared sauna penetrate at least 2 inches into the body all the way around so its health promoting destruction of biotoxins is significant. And note that the smaller the sauna you’re in, the better because you’ll enjoy the health benefits of deeper infrared spectrum penetration.

Infrared rays and the heat they cause in the sauna kills cancer cells.

Many countries in Europe use hyperthermia to treat cancer. Studies show that cancer cells in an infrared sauna actually start dying at 114 and 120 to 140 is the sweet zone for significantly reducing cancer cell loads.

Infrared sauna dramatically improves circulation and because of the heat and breaking down of water clusters nutrients, oxygen and water are able to get into the microcirculatory areas of the brain and get the waste out. This significantly reduces inflammation and promotes neuronal repair and replication in areas where cells are struggling to stay alive and dying in mass.

Infrared sauna also aids in the removal of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which most people come in with today.

The list of benefits of infrared sauna is so long, I invite you to watch my video here:

Synergistic Value and Non-Stop Treatment Throughout the Day

I hope now you can understand how we reduce cancer tumor sizes by a consistent better than 50% and can got a Parkinson’s patient walking in 10 days who had no motor skill in his right leg coming in and he left on 2 LDOPA when he was dependent on 12 daily and needed the first one just to get out of bed in the morning. Our successes are consistent with all metabolic disorders and diseases because we treat the root cause which is a deficiency of God (as energy and the spirit’s ability to flow through the body unobstructed) & Nature. All we do is supplement the elements of nature our modern-day environment is deficient in, and that God gave us so that we could thrive through the presence of spirit.

The synergistic value of this treatment model is unbeatable when you are measuring positive patient outcomes for any condition.

I have been employing best practices experienced over 20 years of providing high impact biological medicine that works in a synergistic way, each therapy enhancing the others’ efficacy in promoting the ultimate orthomolecular biochemical restoration results. Working on the floor with patients in these 7-day treatment cycles I have learned in an intimate way through direct contact with patients all day and lab results of the outcomes, what works and what doesn’t. What works is going in and not letting up until a radical shift in biochemistry has occurred. Then the physician within awakens and God & Nature can take over, bringing you back to baseline biochemistry, the Divine Design.

The education in home biological medical treatment techniques, diet what / how and when to eat, and how to protect yourself from voluntary and involuntary oxidative stress is our patients’ insurance plan that they will not only maintain health and the results they left with, but know how to progress to full resolution of the condition they came in with. However, that being the single most important focus when they come in, it is not the most important result.

The most important result is that they have restored their Divine Design and live in alignment with God & Nature which produces ecstatic health, a vibrating spirit shining through the eyes and a joyous, filled with gratitude quality of life – a long life.


Important! – Know Your COVID-19 Complications Risk

Those that carry a high load of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) endotoxins are vulnerable to COVID-19 complications. The main cause of death of COVID-19 that is associated with all the comorbidities is directly caused by systemic, high levels of LPS and Vitamin D deficiency. This condition is the cause of the cytokine storm when infected with the virus. If you want to have your lipopolysaccharides tested and know your propensity for a dangerous inflammatory response should you suffer a viral or bacterial infection, contact us, we will run the labs for you.

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E.

Medical Director, The Biosanctuary


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