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The Warrior Teenager

Mary Lynne Fernandez in her book The Warrior Teenager courageously addresses at least two major points in our children's young lives that need to be changed now: (1) that of dealing more effectively with the knowledge that parents, family members, and teachers are molding our children's thinking and beliefs from a very early age with their own learned stories (these figureheads may have learned distortions from their own teachers and may be passing them down with negative effects); and (2) the critical need for our children to be taught their internal True Power, Worth, and Strengths. Purposefully fortifying these values in personal statements is so creatively described as The Warrior Teenage process. The main focus is on ways to stop negative thinking and action, as well as self-sabatoge. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to these feelings. Fernandez details processes to do this by focusing on the good, and by understanding the infinite use and need of forgiveness and gratitude. Parents, family members, and teachers must understand that our children need to learn how to face adversity, even sadness, and progress through life with more happiness and trust in their own True Power - that children need not grow into wounded adults.

Kelly Kennedy is the Executive Director of True Wellness of Pennsylvania.

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